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Last year when I decided to have a Holistic Health Coach Mastermind, I dreamed of it bringing coaches to a new and higher level.  You know me, I am always talking about the tremendous power and strength of tribes and the amazing things we can do together and the power in numbers….and all that.




IMG_3706Never in a million year did I realize the impact it would have on everyone who participated.


I am inspired by everyone who attended.
The attendees had never met each other outside Facebook!  To be honest, there were some members of my team who I have worked with for a year or more and I never met them in person.  Internet business is a whole different thing.  You need to convey your values over the internet and on the phone.


IMG_3732My intention for the Club Med Mastermind was to educate, entertain and to help all attendees to de-stress and leave the mastermind renewed in their determination to grow their businesses.


I have always felt really blessed to be working with such a wonderful group of loving, caring coaches.  I am blessed on a whole new level now.  The one thing that came out of this mastermind that I underestimated was the bonds that were formed.  Our coaches, all of them left the mastermind with new lifelong friends.


IMG_3742The mastermind groups that we set up – continue on. Our coaches brought along their biggest business challenges and they worked together within their groups to find solutions.  They timed it, offered solution, participated even when they were a little afraid and set goals and rewards.  There were great strides taken.  I was thrilled that before the trip was over, every group had plans to reconnect and carry on with their mastermind groups.

We had to change the “hot seat” to the “love seat” to get anyone to sit in it! Then it ended up being one of everyone’s favorite things.



There was team work like you wouldn’t believe.  There was a “Sputnik Challenge” where each team needed to put 5 straws into a raw potato and balance peanut M&M’s on the straws and another where they had to stick both arms into a pair of pantyhose and extract coins…I know it sounds dorky and silly…but it was so much fun to see the competition and team building that came from it.


We all met Dr. Clement from Hippocrates, he signed our books and posed with each of us for pictures.  He also invited us to tour Hippocrates next time!


Favorites were Lisa Fraley with Legal Enlightenment and Christie Halmick teaching branding – they were wonderful presenters who really cared about everyone in the room and what they were going to take away from their presentations.


IMG_3660We all learned energy clearing.  Christina was a great teacher.


Health coaches got nervous when we asked them to bring makeup and clothing that represented their brand…man did that make everyone nervous!  BUT, they did it, not knowing why we asked them.  Not one of them had done video before.  Some even expressed great fear of video that had been holding them back.  Heck, I hadn’t done video before…I think I did 4 hours of video while we were there, not to mention the constant video through the week.  Every health coach participating IMG_3713in the mastermind recited their elevator pitch to the video.  Our people are clipping it now so they can each put it on their websites.




It’s easy to forget what connecting with one another feels like.  With a few keystrokes on a computer, we forget what it’s like to communicate and the joy of gathering together as a community.  I will never forget that again and I will look forward to meeting you all and working with you in person every chance I get.


We all have a lifetime of memories…but don’t take my word for it!  I can’t wait to get all the video back and start sharing that with you!


I hope to see you all at one of our gatherings next year.




  1. Judi Curry

    Cathy thank you for making the Mastermind possible. It was so much more than I expected. Well I am not sure what I expected! The organization of the event was orchestrated perfectly. So many extras – welcome letters, gifts (even down to a candle with matches, delicious tea, organic snacks), flowers on the tables, cocktail party, games,guest speakers, … the team:)
    The location was outstanding. The sunsets were magical. Walking around Clubmed with the friendly staff always ready to offer help or send you in the correct direction (no matter what time of the day or night). The food was healthy and delicious (or if you wanted to have the treats they were there too!)
    Now the real part that I took home… the friendships, the laughter, the joy of seeing and getting to know ‘real’ people. That is priceless.
    Clarity on my business. Working on my elevator speech and getting comfortable on a video. lol! Is one ever comfortable in front of a camera??? We are all so critical of ourselves. Christina and the boys made it fun.
    Seeing, being there, remembering,… what a great experience. I am looking forward to next year’s Mastermind.

    • Cathy

      Thank you Judi! I am already looking forward to seeing you next year. I am so glad you made it to this one.

  2. Richard Fair

    It sounds like a wonderful experience was had by everyone. It is always remarkable the amount of electrifying energy that can be sparked when you gather a group of creative people together. I know that I am looking forward to reaping the benefits of your first Club Med Mastermind adventure.
    Cathy, Your energy, creativity, and dedication to all of us – mastermind or not – is inspiring and greatly appreciated. Even though I am just one of those who are struggling along to get started and established, I am looking forward to working with you some more as I grow into the business I hope to become.

    • Cathy

      Richard, it really was incredible. I hope you will join us next year. Thank you for everything you said and I know that we are going to see great things from you.

  3. Cathy

    You are giving me goosebumps Shari! Thank you for saying that. It is why we do it. I know that you are going to have a really good year and you will be back for more! I am VERY glad I got to finally meet you in person. ~Cathy

  4. Susie


    I remember when you were first thinking of this and to see the wonderful outcome makes me so happy to see how you manifested this Club Fit retreat.

    Way to go Cathy!!

  5. Sue Ann Gleason

    Looks like you had a successful event, Cathy, congratulations. Yes, as much as I love my online communities it’s so beautiful to connect in person.

  6. Lori

    Cathy, this event sounds so wonderful and memorable for all the participants! You (and your team) go over and above with everything. I think you’re brilliant!

  7. april

    your mastermind event sounds incredible, cathy! it’s truly amazing how people can come together in mutual support and admiration so quickly and effortlessly if given the right opportunity. it sounds as if you created that perfect setting.

  8. Becky

    Wow this sounds like such an amaZing event! The internet is so great for business but I agree that there is nothing quite like connecting in person. magic can happen when connection happens. It sounds like it was incredibly supportive as well.

  9. Mary Blackburn

    Wow Cathy, Just reading about the Club Med Mastermind really makes me realize what a great opportunity it was. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it to this one. I will not make that mistake again!

    I love what we do over the internet, but there is nothing like connecting with “friends” we’ve only talked with over a computer. When you meet them in person, it makes the computer conversations all the better!

  10. Cynthia Djengue

    I so agree with you about community. I am glad I have a lot of it. I don’t know what I would do without the ability to gather in these communities at various times of the year. I am so glad you had this experience.

  11. Sarah Lawrence

    Well it looks like you all had a wonderful experience! Definitely something I’ll put on my radar for next time. I love that you incorporated exercises and experiences that helped people break out of their comfort zone. I find that some of my best work comes out of moments like that. Keep up the great work. I always enjoy your updates.

  12. Shelley ugyan

    SOunds like a great success! Its always powerful bringing like minds together in my experience- and the creativity to explore there is so juicy! Not always easy to “break the ice” and I love that your priority was to make everyone comfortable and it sounds like everyone left with so much! Congratulations!

  13. Emily

    Looks like it was an incredible experience. It must feel incredible to have touched so many.


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