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I have been blogging for about 5 years now.  I blogged when no one read my blogs.  It is kind of hard starting out because a lot of times you don’t have anyone responding.  Do it anyway.


  Take advantage of 750 words. 


Challenging myself to writing 750 words a day was a huge step for me.  This allowed me uninterrupted time to write whatever I wanted.  It created content and clarity at the same time.  I would recommend this to everyone.  http://750words.com/

 Brainstorm for blogging ideas.


You can even use your 750 words time to do this.  Set up an index or a subject tree and scribble away.  I used to choose…I allowed myself 2 fun topics to 1 boring topic…and I got them done.  Funny thing…the boring topics usually used research and I ended up being able to turn those into….da, da, da, dum…programs!  Content always comes in handy.

 Use your Inner Circle tools. 


Some of those blogs are now available to you to use.  Just open up Tools for Inner Circle Members in “my products” and use the blogs we have made available to you.  How much easier can that be?


Solve a Problem


Give practical and easy solutions to your reader’s problems.  The secret is to make it easy enough that your reader can actually implement your solution.  The only way they will do that is if you give directions that are easy enough to follow.


Know What Your Ideal Client (Reader) Wants


As in any business decision, you must first understand your ideal client.  It won’t do you any good to talk about meat recipes if you are speaking to a Vegan audience.  What is their desired outcome?  Say you are working with an overweight audience.  They are not interested in eating less…they are interested in looking amazing in a favorite pair of jeans.  They may be interested in being able to keep up with their grandkids…you need to speak the language your clients will listen to.


Use Your Blog to Build Your List


Ask your readers to subscribe to your weekly newsletter and receive your blogs by email.  Your list is your business.  Say “Did you enjoy this blog?  Sign up for my FREE tips and tricks weekly in your email!”

Check out the box at the bottom of the blog.  I made this easy to read. I created an optin in Infusionsoft and just pasted it into the text version for entry. Every time someone fills this out, their info goes into my CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and then, when my weekly newsletter goes out…they will receive one with my blog linked to it! My CRM system, keeps them separate so I don’t bother them with information for my Inner Circle and Business Courses.


Be Consistent


Show your readers that they can rely on you to put out information on a regular basis.  The real reason you need to be consistent is that it is much easier to lose your followers than to get them.


Be Yourself


People follow you…not your blog.  So be sure you speak from your own voice.



Be Prepared to Wait


The internet is a big space.  It will take a while for you to develop readers.  It is okay because once they find you, they will go back and read your old blogs.


I hope that helped!


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  1. Sue Ann Gleason

    Great tips, Cathy. Blogging can be a very lonely endeavor without fresh ideas and a support group at your side.

  2. Susie

    750 words a day is a great discipline. I often journal in the morning to get the words out. Thx for encouraging us to stick with it and build your list!

  3. Dana

    Great tips Cathy, I started Julia Cameron’s the Artists Way to get the words down on paper…you have added the rest.

  4. Cathy

    Yes, tough to keep going when there’s little or no response, but so satisfying when you feel that you’ve nailed what you were trying to say or when someone does respond with a note about how your words have touched them. I’ve just started reading “Bird by Bird” by Anne Lamott, and like Julie Cameron, she tells her students to just right something daily. Some of it will be great, most of it will be crap. But the more you do, the better you get. Thanks for recharging the blogging batteries with this post.

  5. Maria

    Hello Cathy – wow there is gold in those words. Really excited as I feel like I can do it too. Thanks for sharing xx

  6. Deb

    I am lucky. I have a zillion things to write about.

    I do sometimes get stopped when their is no response – but then i will get an email from someone – and then i feel great remembering i am helping someone.

    Which is what keeps me going, remembering my sharing is helping someone.

  7. april

    i’m in the “be prepared to wait” stage. and recently i’ve begun to witness a slow momentum building. through solid relationships with several devoted readers, a trickle of sharing has picked up speed. thank you for the helpful tips, cathy. they are appreciated.

  8. Cara Maclean

    Great tips and reminders! I always forget about doing more researched based posts. Maybe now I will… And then use them for programs! Thanks Cathy!


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