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Money with Judy Prokopiak

Podcast 11

Welcome back for another episode of  Health Coach Conversations! Today I invited Judy Prokopiak to the show to talk about something that a lot of people don’t really like talking about… money. Though it isn’t always the most fun conversation, it is a topic that all business owners need to be comfortable with and able to address. In this episode Cathy and Judy talk about the following:

  • Is Your Money Mindset Holding You Hostage?
  • Getting Over Your Own Fears Around Money  
  • F.I.R.S.T      
  • How Your Money Beliefs Affect Your Personal and Business Live    
  • Tackle Your Money Beliefs & See the Transformation it Brings You!
Money is often a topic that we avoid at all costs. It is something that affected us all from an early age (whether we realize it or not) and is a huge factor in most everyday life once we become adults. Too often, business owners do not like asking for the sale, or discussing price points with clients – because it is an uncomfortable topic on both ends. However, money is a big motivator for a lot of people. Get yourself unstuck by discovering what your own roadblock about money is; it might be uncomfortable and force you outside of your comfort zone – but I guarantee that it’s worth it! The “FIRST” exercise will help you discover where your money beliefs are currently at, and help you overcome the belief-barriers that may currently holding you back.  

F . I . R . S . T

First : Find your first “Money Memory” – is it negative? Positive? Neutral? Why?

Ideas : What were the ideas about money that circulated in your home?  

Reveal : Discover what your money belief and block is. What is it about money that you’re holding onto?

Showing Up : How are these beliefs manifesting in your life now? Both personal and professional.

Transform : Turn it around and transform your own belief to actually reflect the truth.

Listen To Episode 11 Below:

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