3198594We have an old blog…it is called “Milk – it doesn’t do a body good”…I wanted to share this blog by John Douillard with lots of good research and data on milk.

Enjoy.  Let me know what you think.  I know this is a hot topic!  Share with your friends and sign up for our updates!





  1. Jo-De Davis

    I was never a milk drinker. Then I tasted raw milk and really liked it. the thing is that it goes bad at my house (ferments, which is OK to drink) because I can’t get it in small enough containers – I am the only one who drinks it. The only thing confusing about Douillard’s info is that he says raw, organic milk is the way to go. BUT, then he says to bring it to a slow boil for digestibility… is that for everyone or just for people who have trouble with digesting it? Also, he states that the best way to use milk is to skim off the cream/buy organic heavy whipping cream and dilute it to use as milk. I really thought that this was one of the most informative pieces I’ve ever been exposed to concerning dairy, and I highly revere Dr. Douillard.

    • Cathy

      Thanks Jo-De Davis! I am glad you agree. I thought it was well researched and documented. I can not digest milk…so I am just happy with coconut milk. I appreciate your opinions and …I hadn’t thought about the raw milk being boiled and not raw anymore. I like John Douillard too.


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