Membership Communities with Jennifer Dopazo

Podcast 144

If you want to take your business to the next level with a membership site, it’s important to design a learning experience that allows clients to see their progress and success. Jennifer Dopazo describes how to create a manageable online learning experience and shares tips for increasing engagement and connecting with your ideal client!  

In this episode, Cathy and Jennifer discuss: 

  • How to turn existing content to an online learning experience
  • The importance of keeping information in bite-sized, manageable chunks 
  • Why membership communities are appealing: impact, ability to scale, recurring revenue
  • Recommendations to make sure membership site resonates with target client 
  • Increasing engagement for online membership site events:
    • Consider the design of the experience
    • Consider how you create community
    • Consider adding badges or the ability to track wins/progress
  • Two levels of production to prioritize: Experience of the portal and keeping yourself relatable
  • The difference between working with individuals vs. large brands 

Jennifer Dopazo is a graphic designer specializing in Brand Identity, Interaction Design and UX/UI Design. She’s the founder of multimedia design studio Candelita and a 3-time American Graphic Design Award winner.

Jennifer helps organizations attract their dream clients by translating their big vision into an awesome digital experience with a unified brand. She’s worked with companies like The New York Times, Pepsi and Nickelodeon, along with authors like Danielle LaPorte.

Memorable Quotes:

  • “Think about the person that’s going through it for the first time…we want them to feel like they’re actually winning…help them with this mindset that makes them want to come back and keep going through this experience.”
  • “I’m not going to say it’s passive income because it’s not—it’s work.”
  • “We have so much to give to our clients…we end up overwhelming them. Make it very sizeable…imagine they only have one hour to give to your membership site.”

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Danielle LaPorte

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