How to Succeed as a Health Coach – Marie Forleo (B-School)


How to Succeed as a Health Coach – Marie Forleo (B-School)

Podcast 38

For today’s episode of Health Coach Conversations, Cathy and Ashley talk with Marie Forleo about her super successful online business school “B-School”. This episode is perfect for health coaches who have considered joining the program but want an insider’s look before taking the plunge.

In this episode, Cathy, Ashlie and Marie discuss the following:

  • Benefit’s of B-School’s Community
  • Advantages of B-School’s Follow Through Formula
  • Networking opportunities B-School’s Member’s Area provides
  • Who will benefit from joining B-School
  • How B-School helps in all stages of your business development
  • What lifetime access to B-School means
  • What to expect from your investment (ROI) in B-School
  • List building opportunities B-School provides
  • Cautionary tales to consider before joining B-School
  • The variety of content and support B-School offers
  • Fast action bonuses of B-School

Marie Forleo is an entrepreneur, writer, philanthropist & unshakable optimist dedicated to helping others become who they most want to be. Her business coaching school provides meaningful action steps that lead to outstanding results. B-School  offers a creative and entrepreneurial approach and focuses on showing people how to develop a heart-centered business.

Cathy’s B-School Notes  

  • B-School’s price and creative ways to cover the cost
  • The value of one idea, strategy or technique from B-School  
  • How to know if you’re ready for B-School
  • How B-School helps with accountability and focusing your time
  • Why B-School is NOT for everybody
  • How B-School’s community, mentors, and content builds your confidence
  • The newer, recently-added  features of B-School
  • Breakdown of B-School’s modules and courses   
  • Successful alumni of B-School
  • Programs that complement B-School

Cathy went through B-School and was able to make back her investment after just a couple of weeks of using B-School’s website module. Cathy takes time to answer questions about what to expect before, during, and after joining B-School.


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