Marie Forleo – B-School for Health Coaches 

 Podcast 84

Many current health coaches didn’t grow up with schools that offered classes in entrepreneurialism. Marie joins Cathy to share advice for business owners of all backgrounds and why B-School might be for you!

In this episode, Cathy and Marie discuss the following:

  • Suggestions for branding your product with or without including yourself in the package 
  • The secret behind the success of Marie’s affiliate program and B-School
  • What makes B-School stand out from the competition 
  • Marie’s approach to evaluating and shifting her business 
  • Why B-School’s Module 1 “Profit Clarity” is crucial for health coaches
  • The biggest mistake new entrepreneurs make when building their business
  • Advice for creating a “business prenup” for potential partnerships 
  • How Marie realized what special gift she wanted to offer others
  • How B-School benefits seasoned business owners 

Marie Forleo designed B-School to answer all of the questions new business owners have and to support experienced business owners with new strategies that increase both reach and revenue. Marie Forleo’s business coaching school provides meaningful action steps that lead to outstanding results. B-School offers a creative and entrepreneurial approach and focuses on showing people how to develop a heart-centered business.     


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