Make Money Online With Programs

Make Money Online With Programs

Podcast 07

Thank you for joining me on another episode of Health Coach Conversations! I am joined by Amanda Foti of Healthie for another insightful episode where we dive into the secrets behind making money online with an online health coach program. We are excited to share this episode with you, because we really break down and walk you through what you need to get setup for an online business, and how to incorporate online programs into your business model. Get ready for a full run down, because this episode is full of valuable knowledge for you to grow your online business! In this episode Cathy talks about the following:

  • Tools to use when building an online business.
  • Making money online with an online coaching program.
  • 6 steps to building a business online.
  • How online programs help both you AND your enrolled clients.
Creating and offering online programs helps not only you build your business and have consistent income – but it also benefits your clients as well. Offering online programs and groups that are specifically targeted for your ideal clients give them a space to focus on themselves and their issue, as well as offering up a multitude of resources to them, and often an online space to seek support. You can help so many more people at a time with an online program or group than you can one on one, and in a program or group all the people you’re helping can also be a great support network for each other while in the program.  

6 Steps to Building a Business Online

  • Know your scope of practice and what is required.
  • Make a new business plan – no matter where you are in business currently.
  • Marketing – you’ll have to be able to market online and set it up for automation.  
  • Have a website.
  • Support ideas and accountability.   
  • Programs that are deliverable to your customers.

Listen To Episode 7 Below:

Things Mentioned In This Episode:

The Inner Circle

Links to resources:

Health Coach Group Website


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