Make Money Online

Podcast 107

After years of offering support to thousands of health and wellness coaches, the Health Coach Group knows what works and what doesn’t in a health coaching program. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been in the health and wellness industry for years, learn how the Health Coach Group can help create the successful online coaching business both you and your clients deserve!

In this episode, Cathy discusses

  • Details about the Health Coach Group and who might be interested to join
  • Why you’d want your health coaching business online 
  • How to run an online business successfully: 
  • Why you should determine your potential for income 
  • Common reasons people join the Health Coach Group
  • Benefits of having an online health coaching program
  • Why Cathy recommends creating a membership program 
  • The Health Coach Group’s 6 Steps to a Successful Business: 
    • 1-Credentials/Certification:  Know your scope of practice and what’s required. 
    • 2-Business Plan: Adjust as your business changes and understand entrepreneurship  
    • 3-Marketing plan: Opt-in, auto responder, sales page, list building   
    • 4-Website: Hosting company, own URL, marketing pages, automation, traffic analytics, ecommerce, delivery systems for programs, customer records management 
    • 5-Support/Ideas/Accountability: Work with a coach, collaborate with others, membership groups 
    • 6-Coach Client Programs: DIY or take advantage of pre-made programs 
  • Why business partnerships are important and worth exploring 
  • 3 Business Packages and Branding Packages offered by the Health Coach Group 


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