Make Money – Get Customers

Make Money – Get Customers

Podcast 22

Welcome back for another episode of Health Coach Conversations! We’re going to talk about some of the things that I have said that are going to help you to make this year end well with more money and to start off 2019 a little bit better! First, we’re going to go over the basics again. You’re all at different spots, and believe me, I want all of this information to help you out! We’re going to discuss how to clarify your niche and client. It’s one of the most painful things that you’ll do as a health coach, but the more you target your message, the better!

Cathy discusses the following:

  • Identifying specific needs and characteristics of your ideal client  
  • Creating your “opt in/free offering”
  • Paid vs. unpaid advertising choices  
  • Benefits of referrals and affiliate programs
  • Establishing trust with customers
  • Nurturing clients through email, blog, webinars, social media, etc.
  • Online vs. brick and mortar businesses
  • Using Ultimate Business Checklist for opt-ins  
  • Health Coach University and masterminds
  • Different types of planners, calendars, and online tools to track goals
  • Reviewing values and goals and following action steps
  • 3 Health Coach Group Programs


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