When your product or your service doesn’t measure up, the answer probably isn’t to lower your price or offer a refund to the disappointed customer. Instead, the alternative is to invest in making it better. So much better that people can’t help but talk about it—and so much better that they would truly miss it if it were gone.  Seth Godin

As long as we are always improving what we put out into the world…our business will grow.  I am pretty pumped by the plans we have to enhance our programs.  We are building up our 12 Day Detox, 28 Day Slim, Sexy & Smart and the 3, 6, 9, 12 Months to Health.

Last week we talked about using the same copywriting as all the other health coaches who shared the same school.  This week, let’s talk about your programs.

There are enough people with mediocre programs…enough people with the “same” thing.  Regardless of which program you are using, you should “make it your own”.

6 Ways to Make Your Program Your Own:


  1. Brand Your Program – Put your name, contact information, biography and your legal terms and conditions.  If necessary, be sure the fonts, graphics and colors all represent your brand.  You want your program to be recognizable as yours.
  2. Tailor Your Program to Your Niche – There are lot’s of programs out there.  We have many different options, a 12 day detox, 28 day weight loss, 28 day spiritual, 3-6-9-12 month program and our Physician- Health Coach Weight Loss Program.  If you are working with corporations or physicians with group weight loss, grab The Physician Weight Loss and tailor it to the needs of the organization you are working with.  If you are working with body builders…don’t use the 12 Day Detox…adapt the 9 month program to use.
  3. Design your customer’s experience.  Draw a picture of your customer’s journey.  From the minute you gain their attention on Facebook – make it easy to get to your website – create an easy to find opt in that adds real value to your client – send newsletters weekly with important and helpful information – be consistent in your communication – when your client reaches out , treasure them and help them out, set your sales pages and purchase options to be easy and clear, make your rules and guarantee clear and concise – provide your customer with everything the expect and more –  follow up.
  4. Set your own price.  It’s okay to do market research to see what others are charging…but you need to base your price on your costs and value.
  5. Service your client.  Treat your client like a king or queen.  Make them so happy with what you give them, that they tell all their friends and neighbors about you.
  6. Deliver your program with style.  Use a strong delivery program like Designed, Sealed and Delivered to deliver your program and emails to your clients on time.

Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.  Steve Jobs

What kind of online programs do you provide?  How do you make them your own?  Please comment below.

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  1. Elizabeth MacLeod

    I love the way you think Cathy… like when you say…. do your research around price, but make your own… Wise for sure…. and customize your program and deliver with style… all things to make it your own… So happy to see coaches out there, teaching and helping coaches, to find their way with confidence and helping them be ‘a yard stick of quality.” (love that quote)

    • Cathy

      Thank you Elizabeth.

  2. Tania

    These are super tips Cathy! I especially loved the two quotes from Seth Godin and Steve Jobs. All too often, I’ve seen others fall into a copy-cat type space and it seems no one is REALLY doing your #5 tip. For my programs, that tip is THE most important one! Without your clients, you don’t have a business. Treating my clients like queens has definitely been mutually rewarding 🙂

  3. Lorna

    None of us is reinventing the wheel, but the advice to “tailor to your niche” really hit home with me. There are only certain things that are going to resonate and be adapted by my ideal client. When I combine those things with my unique approach to health and well being, then voila! a new and innovative program. Thanks Cathy.

  4. Marg

    I really do need to revisit some of these areas Cathy. It’s a slow process of refinement and these gentle reminders help to shift my eyes from what is expected to making it my own. For me, that’s THE most important design feature, but sometimes I get drawn along with the tide. So it’s time to get out my scissors, cut my own cloth and tailor my unique programs…and wear them with pride. X.

  5. Michelle

    I am just about to start designing my first program. How timely is this?! I can’t wait to dive in and “draw a picture of the customer’s journey.” I’m envisioning crayons, markers, watercolors… I’m going to have fun with this. 😀

    • Cathy

      Michelle, show us what you come up with! It sounds like a fun one.

    • Sarah Koszyk

      I agree with Michelle! I’m in the same boat right now developing my program so this post is right up my alley. Perfect timing! Thanks for the tips and inspiration!

  6. Sue Patterson

    Cathy for those of us hat work…..how can we take advantage of Mentoring Monday?

    • Cathy

      We record the calls Sue. You can sign up for the call (in our Facebook group) and the recording will be delivered to you by email the same day.

  7. Marci

    All great tips, Cathy. Taking the basics and then making them authentically your own… perfect advice for the long haul. Setting price is my biggest challenge, but looking through your list reminds me to “design customer experience” – love that one. Thank you!

  8. Susie Mordoh

    Such great tips Cathy! Treat your clients like a king or queen is a rule to ‘give’ by!

  9. April Lee

    solid (and timely) advice. thank you, cathy. i’m in the beginning stages of my very first program, and i don’t want it to be mediocre. i want it to touch my clients’ hearts and vastly improve their lives.

  10. Krystal Bernier

    I love your tip to “design your customer’s experience.” I just had the big aha moment this week where I realized I need to really look at what a customer experiences when they come to my website. What buttons they need to click, how they find the info, yada yada. I laugh at myself now about it. When I get to the point of creating health programs for me ICA I will definitely remember these tips.

  11. Deb

    Great ideas, I am developing my own program so will take on these! thanks

  12. Karen Yankovich

    I love the tip to set your own price, and not determine YOUR prices based solely on what others are charging. Thanks Cathy.

  13. Camesha

    I’m in the process of preparing my first program for launch. This post could not have come at a better time! Thank you!

  14. Hayley Hobson

    our niche. our identity. being ourselves. finding our groove. all so important. 🙂

  15. Cynthia Djengue

    Great info, Cathy! I am building some programs now so this is timely.

  16. johanna

    Great tips Cathy! Thanks!

  17. Denise Marie Filmore

    It’s so important to brand who you are Cathy. With so many health coaches, life coaches and business coaches online it imperative that we carve out a niche and apply our unique style to the programs we choose for our clients. Thanks for the reminder!


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