Coronavirus, Scope of Practice and The Law with Lisa Fraley

Podcast 91

Our world is changing daily due to coronavirus and health coach regulations might change in your area. Cathy welcomes Lisa Fraley back to the show to share legal insight and why it’s important to know your scope of practice and which laws impact your business.   

In this episode, Cathy and Lisa discuss the following:

  • How states employ differing regulations of nutrition practice 
  • Why Lisa recommends creating a separate health coaching business and not calling yourself a doctor
  • The difference between being a medical doctor and a licensed health coach 
  • Advice for health coaches to learn state laws for your scope of practice
  • Why Terms & Conditions and “Terms of Use” are important for online programs 
  • The difference between Terms & Conditions vs. Terms of Use 
  • Lisa’s DIY Client Agreement and DIY Legal Templates
  • Why it’s important to provide a legal agreement for your client 
  • The value of knowing how to legally protect your business and your income   


Lisa Fraley is an attorney, legal coach, life coach and health coach. Because of her unique combination of being a lawyer and health coach, she is able to provide a wealth of information and services to help keep health practitioners of all backgrounds safe and legally protected.


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