LinkedIn for Health Professionals with Karen Yankovich

LinkedIn for Health Professionals with Karen Yankovich

Podcast 04

Welcome! Thanks for tuning into another episode of  Health Coach Conversations! Today I invited Karen Yankovich (the LinkedIn Lady) to the show to discuss all things LinkedIn and how you as a health professional should be utilizing this tool. In this episode Cathy and Karen talk about the following:

  • The Personal Relationship Aspect of Marketing.
  • Focus and Niche Your Marketing.   
  • Standing Out From The Crowd!     
  • Authenticity.     
  • Developing Profitable Relationships !

LinkedIn is a great way to professionally bypass the gatekeeper and get yourself in front of people that you otherwise never would have. You do need to be consistent, initiate conversations, and keep the ball rolling after initial set up. But LinkedIn provides a unique way to connect strategically with potential clients and more! Keep in mind that people want to connect with you.  To be authentic with your brand you need to be part of those conversations and while your team can certainly help out with some things, it’s almost just better if they have their own LinkedIn account. Not only will that make your company brand stronger it also follows the terms of service set forth by LinkedIn – sharing an account or letting someone else run your own.  

You can utilize LinkedIn for more than just finding ideal clients – it is a great space to make professional connections and partnerships with others in your field. LinkedIn can also get you in front of journalists in your area, and they often call on experts in various fields to help them with fast paced publishing world of journalism. Plus, LinkedIn can get you in front of someone who you never would have been able to connect with before on social media – where it wouldn’t be appropriate to send a speaker you just saw a Facebook friend request – you very well could send them an connection request on LinkedIn with a thank you message for their talk. The opportunities are endless with LinkedIn!

Listen To Episode 4 Below:


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