HEALTH PROFESSIONALS – LinkedIn with Karen Yankovich

LinkedIn with Karen Yankovich

Podcast 27

Welcome back for another episode of Health Coach Conversations! Today, Cathy talks with social media expert Karen Yankovich. She works with people across social media and of all the platforms available, she truly believes everyone needs a LinkedIn profile because it comes up more readily in Google searches. Karen also believes LinkedIn allows you to take control of your brand in the digital marketing world. A lot of businesses, when they start marketing online, jump right into marketing and branding their business, and they don’t think to brand themselves. But customers want to know more about the people they do business with. Using LinkedIn allows you to brand yourself before you worry about branding your business, and can lead you to a more profitable business brand.    

Cathy and Karen discuss the following:

  • Business profiles vs. personal profiles
  • Using your personal profile for marketing purposes
  • How LinkedIn differs from other social media platforms
  • Facebook friends vs. LinkedIn connections
  • Benefits of actively participating in local networking groups  
  • Tips for creating a great LinkedIn profile
  • Why you should become an endorser on LinkedIn
  • Using LinkedIn search parameters to narrow down ideal clients and partners
  • The value of building your network proactively
  • The importance of reactively connecting with clients
  • The benefits of a Premium LinkedIn profile and the Sales Navigator tool
  • How LinkedIn builds relationships and leads to offline opportunities
  • How to grow your network with 2nd degree connections and other social networks
  • Recommendation to update your LinkedIn profile


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