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Legal Health Coaching with Lisa Fraley

Podcast 180

Having clear policies as a health coach is important to protect yourself and your business. Lisa Fraley explains how health coaches can stay within their scope of practice, what to know about COVID, and how to practically refund-proof your business. 

In this episode, Cathy and Lisa discuss: 

  • Why RNs should have a health coaching certificate separate from being an RN
  • Advice about addressing particular illnesses and diagnoses 
  • How health coaches can know their scope of practice 
  • Whether or not health coaches working with a doctor can list that on their website 
  • What health coaches need to know about practicing as a health coach during COVID
  • Top 3 ways health coaches can keep themselves safe and reduce their risks to avoid trouble:
  1. Know your state nutrition laws
  2. Use a client agreement with all clients
  3. Follow your client agreement 
  • How health coaches can stop worrying about refunds and refund proof their business  
  • Details about Lisa’s new book 

Lisa Fraley is a Legal Coach®, Attorney, Best-Selling Author and Speaker who has helped hundreds of coaches and entrepreneurs get legally covered through her DIY legal templates, services and online courses. She uniquely aligns legal steps with the chakras because she believes the law protects you practically AND energetically. Lisa “gets” online and holistic entrepreneurs because she’s also a certified Holistic Health Coach through IIN, Life Coach through Coach U, and Master Transformational Method Coach through HCI (formerly HMBA). Lisa is the author of the #1 Best Seller Easy Legal Steps…That Are Also Good for Your Soul.

She received her JD from Case Western Reserve University School of Law where she was managing editor of the Health-Law Journal, and BA in Political Science with a Minor in Business Administration, cum laude, with Honors, from Miami University (Ohio). She is a sought-after legal expert appearing in over 250 podcasts, webinars and international stages about her holistic approach to the law, chakras and entrepreneurship.

Lisa’s also the former president of the Junior League of Portland (Maine) and was selected as a “Forty Under 40” award recipient by Business First newspaper in Columbus, Ohio when she was just 29. She’s an avid runner and hiker, and she’s completed 3 marathons.

Memorable Quotes:

  • “If you’re talking about the specific diagnosis of anxiety, or the specific diagnosis of depression, you don’t want to talk about that unless you’re a licensed clinical practitioner in a medical relationship.”
  • “The way that you stay in your lane as a health coach is you don’t violate any of those other professions…our biggest focus is not to do what other people are licensed to do.”
  • “It’s always better to have a clear, strong refund policy, preferably no refunds, that you can also do the other partial or full refund. Just be super clear and have that in your document and that’s the first step to practically refund proofing your business.”

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