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Health Coaching and the Law with Cory Sterling

Podcast 150

Cory Sterling Headshot
Health Coaching and the Law with Cory Sterling.  As a health coach, keeping your business practices legal is crucial. Cory Sterling shares how health coaches can legally protect themselves and the benefits of working with a lawyer who understands your industry! 

In this episode, Cathy and Cory discuss: 

  • How Cory started working in the legal side of the health coach industry 
  • 2 legal agreements health coaches need to stay protected:

1.Waiver of Liability 

  1. Service Agreement 
  • Why just having your Terms & Conditions on your website is not enough protection
  • Creating a different level of engagement and commitment with clients through the Law of Storytelling
  • How COVID has changed the health coaching industry from a legal standpoint
  • Recommendations for understanding the boundaries of your scope of practice 
  • How liability extends to the virtual teaching space and how health coaches can mitigate risks
  • Ways to distinguish between an employee and a contractor
  • The value of maintaining a relationship with a lawyer who understands your industry
Cory Sterling is the founder of the heart-leading law firm Conscious Counsel, awarded #1 Most Innovative Fitness and Wellness Law Firm of 2021. As a lawyer, small business owner, yoga teacher and author of ‘The Yoga Law Book’, Cory has supported hundreds of clients in the wellness space with their legal agreements and business protection.

Cory won the award for “Highest Rated Session” at MindBody Bold, amongst a field of the health and fitness leading minds and best presenters. He is the only lawyer who has completed the MindBody Business Consulting Program in order to learn overall best business practices for studios. 

Memorable Quotes:

  • “If you don’t have the proper legal structure in place, this problem is going to take a stranglehold of your business and your efforts and where you’re focusing your attention—which is what we don’t want.”   
  • “You want your agreements to reflect the current relationships you have with your clients.”
Mentioned In This Episode:

Free Wellness Checklist to ensure you’re at best legal practices for your business: https://consciouscounsel.pages.ontraport.net/wellnesschecklist

Conscious Counsel: https://consciouscounsel.ca/

Links to resources:

Health Coach Group Website

 Get the book(s) 


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