5 Best (and FREE) Methods to Launch and Grow Your Market

5 Best (and FREE) Methods to Launch and Grow Your Market

Podcast 14

Welcome back for another episode of Health Coach Conversations! Today we are going to address marketing your business and practice, and the best ways for you to grow your business through marketing. As a bonus, we give you the 5 best FREE ways to market your business. In this episode Cathy talks about the following:

  • How to pick the best social media and marketing platforms for YOU.
  • Be the best version of you, not somebody else.
  • The best 5 (FREE) ways to market your business!  
  • Connections, connections, connections – the fastest way to grow your business.  

When it comes to your business and practice – pick one super specific topic or problem that you want to address and help others with. From there, offer your own personal & unique solution, mixed with your background and history with that same problem. You’ll quickly become the master of your niche and people will want to come to you as the expert answer they are looking for. Below we list the top 5 (free) methods to market your practice. Now, don’t worry about mastering ALL 5 today. What we want you to do is pick the one that calls to you most, and give it 3-6 months of exploration and growth to see the results it brings you. You can always try another if your first pick doesn’t suit you, or add another one to your marketing routine later on!

Top 5 (FREE) Methods to Launch, Market, & Grow Your Practice!

  • Podcasts.
  • Webinars.
  • YouTube Vidoes.
  • Be a guest writer for other websites & journals.
  • Self-publish your own Kindle Book.  


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