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We started out with the 3 month program and released another program every month after, until all Inner Circle Members had 24 modules that made up a 12 month program.


Our IT person recorded a short 3 part tutorial to teach health coaches how to set up a simple WordPress website, woo commerce and an affiliate program. This was added to The Inner Circle Membership program.


Shortly after, we re-branded the 12 Day All Natural Cleanse and completed 2 supplemental modules the advanced nutrition and the advanced exercise specialty modules.


We are especially grateful to the original Inner Circle Members who bought in and subscribed without knowing our track record or having an idea of what we would be producing int the future.


Due to requests and strong interest in our 28 Day Slim, Sexy & Smart Weight Loss Program, we re-branded and included this in the Inner Circle.


Just a few months within the time that our Inner Circle Members joined and received the 3 month program, they had been provided a total of 6 Programs and 2 Supplemental Modules.


Business Plans for Health Coaches was released to great praise and continues to help health coaches to navigate beginning business.


The Inner Circle was then provided articles for blogs and newsletters.


We released a Spanish Translation and a Christian Version of the 12 Day Cleanse and the 12 Month Program.


We created a new supplemental module for Inner Circle Members on Essential Oils.


Healthy Holidays Group Program was released in the fall and created new customers for our Inner Circle Members, community growth for each involved and lots of spiritual growth for those attending.


In 2014 we released the supplemental Meditation Module. Immediately after, the Inner Circle Members received the 28 Day Spiritual Cleanse. The two work together to create a strong meditation program for our members.


One of the best parts of the Inner Circle? Our members and our Facebook Mastermind. What a great, supportive group we have.


PHEEEEWWWW… We booked it in the last 2 years! It amazes me how much we got done. I like listing it all out because I just can’t believe it. If you could have seen the creation of the 12 month program…. we have run it through 3 – 4 edits – 1 year later we have uploaded the last edit of the 24 modules.


In 2014 we upgraded ALL of our programs with workbooks, videos, audios and all have preparatory modules to get your customers ready for amazing changes.  That was a huge financial investment.  The programs all became ready for Designed Sealed and Delivered with more modules, a preparatory package, added graphics, sales pages and more sophisticated additions.


We now have a multi coach delivery site that is available for all Inner Circle Members for the delivery of all of our programs. Our Inner Circle Members will be able to enter a few commands and have this “attach” to their website and release our programs and emails on a timer to their customers.  The Inner Circle will receive a 50% discount for the DSD Platform.  The bonus, in 2014 we spent months and tons of money to perfect it into a really nice combination website/membership site.


In 2014 we added more modules, diabetes, metabolism and weight loss and supplements.


Last year we included our $1197.00 Building Abundance in The Inner Circle Membership for FREE.  WHY?  Because we know that there is a gap.  There are a lot of health coaches who graduate ready to coach…but very fearful and inexperienced in business.  We want you to succeed.  If you succeed, we succeed.


The next few weeks, we will be celebrating our birthday by giving our Inner Circle Members gifts.  I don’t know if you remember last year’s?  It was a lot of fun.


Affiliates have been an important part of our growth. It is our intention to create a stronger support and coaching system for the affiliates. We are going to help our affiliates to create the kind of passive income they need to help support their efforts in building up their coaching business.


We have gifts for our health coaches too.


We will be drawing names throughout the next few weeks and giving away presents like t-shirts, printed programs and lots more!


Our Inner Circle Members will be able to enroll during their membership period at no additional charge. We will hold open enrollment for 2 weeks 2 times a year. This course is worth 10 x’s it’s price and it will be free to Inner Circle Members. We begin the course in January and October and it lasts 10 weeks. It is not a self study, it is available as a class with participation. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!


Hold on to your knickers! We are going to have amazing fun at our Birthday Party over the next few weeks. 50% off the Inner Circle Membership – Birthday Presents for everyone! FUN, FUN, FUN!


What can next year’s Inner Circle Members expect? More of the same…and more!


More supplemental modules.


A Corporate Wellness Suite of Programs.


Opportunities in the way of promotional and launch packages.


shutterstock_92014703We have an unusual relationship with our members. They tell us what they need…and we listen. We work really hard to fill the need. That is why we are here. You can expect more of the same this year.


Happy Birthday Inner Circle Members!


  1. Ashlie Pappas

    It has been an amazing journey to see The Health Coach Group unfold! So many products and tools to help health coaches succeed and put more time and energy into health coaching. I am really excited to see what is in store for The Health Coach Group in 2015!

  2. shelley ugyan

    Happy Birthday! I am inspired by all you have done over the past 2 years, Cathy- congratulations! And thanks for the incredible service you provide to coaches daily!


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