30% Off Done-For-You Programs

We have been working and working and working and working to help health coaches to grow their businesses.

I am so excited to tell you – IT IS WORKING!!!!

You are listening, following our directions…AND GROWING YOUR LISTS!!!  That is what we are here for, and it is happening.

There is a way to make money as health coaches.  You can do it too.

We set up Karen’s Mailchimp and Opt-In in the afternoon.  Karen placed her post immediately and at 6:00 p.m. she posted this…

I have a sign up WOO HOO!!! My very first opt in sign up. lol
(I just got my opt in today)

Everyone was so excited for her.  This was her first time with an optin…and her first Facebook advertisement.  Everyone wanted to know how she did it.  We have been teaching this for some time now.

I LOVE it when you guys do what we teach.  You will love it too – especially when your lists start growing.

About an hour later Karen posted:

I’m up to 5 signups!!!  WOO-HOO!!!

Karen has one more hurdle.  She needs to run a Facebook ad.  She got these results from her normal reach.  How many more responses would she have gotten?  Karen had a 1.3% conversion rate.  If Karen advertised and reached 50,000 people with this ad…and converted 1.3% of them, how many new people would be on her list?  About 650 people.  How much would it cost?

Well, I did an advertisement in June.  It reached 58,641 people I targeted – it cost me .12 for each person who opted in.  It was a good ad.    2152 people clicked on the ad and 1682 people signed up for my newsletter.  It cost me 214.93.  You don’t have to spend $214.93 in a day…spread it out over a month…2 months, three months…make it fit your budget.  The secret is to do it.  Spend $5 a day.  It is an investment in your business and people on your list are excellent, highly qualified leads, and it is a lot easier to talk to 1,682 people who have already shown an interest in you and your company than a bunch of unqualified people on facebook, twitter or whatever social media platform you use. 

Yep, it is that easy.  Packages were created to help you build your business once and for all.  They are all good.  The Platinum Package is (of course) the one you want.

We start you out with a plethora of coaching programs and business tools.  We set up an “irresistible opt-in” for you and give you a launch plan that does most of it for you…tells you what to do when helps you to plan your entire year of sales promotions.  We teach you how to advertise your opt-in, and we even write a series of emails for your autoresponder.    This gets you started building your list.  This list is your pot of gold in internet commerce.

THEN, we set up your website…this can be a full functioning website with a blog, e-commerce, program deliver and everything…or you may link it to your existing website…right to your buy now page…, and it will lead to their purchase and do the rest for you.

September 29, you start Building Abundance, The Business Plan for Health Coaches.  We coach you from beginning to end.  It takes 12 weeks and at the end of week one…you will be so excited you won’t be able to stand still.  This is what you have been missing…Building Abundance Plus will get you started on the right foot.  It leads you through setting up your business – your style and the right way.  It is not cookie cutter…you have your own business – the plan is built for you…no two businesses will be alike…but they will all be set up correctly and to prosper.

It isn’t cheap…but it is a good deal.  You will be able to cover the cost with your first couple of programs sold.  You may cover the cost before we even start the course with the tools you are given.

We will take you through and teach you exactly what to do to have a successful business.  The key to your success…is our coaching and accountability.  We are breaking you into small groups with mentors who are trained by me, and they will have everything you need to ensure you succeed.  We are doing Case Studies, and we are going to make sure you are one of them.

We aren’t taking everyone.  Let me tell you who will not be accepted….

  • those who don’t have 30 hours a week to put into their business
  • anyone who is not  willing to open themselves 100% to learning and make the commitment
  • anyone who doesn’t think they can succeed as a health coach

I am going to tell you why.  We are set on success with this course.  If you participate in coaching, whether it is through our Platinum Package or Building Abundance Plus.WE WANT coaches who are going to work their behinds off.

So, if you are tired of feeling lost.  Tired of doubting yourself.  You don’t know what to do, when, how or where.  This is your chance.  Sign up for Building Abundance is in a few weeks.  You can get into the coaching now if you enter through a Package.  We have been accepting applications for a few weeks for Building Abundance.  They have been notified if they have been accepted.

We will accept applications for Building Abundance Plus through this week.  We will have an introductory price at 50% off.    We will have a special offer for Inner Circle Members at 50% off with coaching portion only since you have been gifted with the course itself.  You may apply for coaching.

You may purchase Packages to acquire the coaching and course.  This is 60% off.

This is an excellent course…you will have a business plan by the time you finish.  You will know exactly what you need to do and how to do it…and you will be on your way.

Karen has the Platinum Package; she has already started building her list…today!  She is going to have a very nice list built up by the time we start her course and coaching.  You can do the same.




  1. Susie

    What a valuable resource you are providing for other Health Coaches!! I love the excitement when the social media/opt in train is chugging along and working well.

    • Anisha

      I hope this is only the benngiing and we learn more about what OB knew and when did he know it. The only people who seal their records are people who have something to hide.

    • http://www.youngbizzy.com/

      Anonymous at 2/3 12:38, in my response to my comment at 2/2 9:08, wrote:that reminds me of another new form of anti semitism – east european countries memorializing victims of communist oppression.There you go, folks: Jews can talk ad infinitum and ad nauseum about the Holocaust and other atrocities in Jewish history, but woe to the goyim who have the temerity to talk about Jews who participated in persecutions and genocides! "Never again!" is only for the Shoah; the slogan for the Holodomor and the many, many heinous acts of Communism should be, from the POV of bigots like this Anonymous, "More, please!"

  2. Elizabeth MacLeod

    Oh man, where was this when I did my training way back when!!!!!! Such a great thing to build your list BEFORE and DURING your training. YES!

  3. Staci Jenson

    It’s like a a horrible weight that has been lifted off my shoulders!! I just signed up for the Platinum package, not really sure what to expect. But the step by step emails have already made me feel like I have this strong team working with me & to help me succeed. I can breath not having to figure out what all I need to get done. I’ve had no time, & I mean no time, to be able to do this all by myself! 1 child moving out on her own, 5 teenagers all in activities with no licenses, a full time job, a full time college schedule, a business trying to launch…..you get the idea! Cathy, I know you’ve heard it before, but THANK YOU!! I have tears of relief & joy of all the hard work you are doing for us & developing these business packages!! I’m super excited to see where it’s all going to lead!

  4. Lori

    Cathy, you are a miracle worker. You have created a plethora of programs with awesome support for health coaches. I love how you “listen” and then “implement.” Fantastic!

  5. Michelle

    O.k. So I’ve been thinking about how I should bite the bullet and try out fb ads for a few weeks now. I believe this is a ping from the Universe to finally DO it. I love the “only $5 a day” mindset, Cathy. Makes it sound like a no-brainer. THANK YOU!

  6. april

    very encouraging, cathy! i am just about to offer my very first opt-in. i love your stats on facebook ads as well . . . something to look into more seriously.

  7. Tanya

    Best argument I ever read for why you should pay for Facebook ads ….”it is a lot easier to talk to 1,682 people who have already shown an interest in you and your company, than a bunch of unqualified people on facebook, twitter or whatever social media platform you use. ” Very good thinking.


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