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Invisible Hands- tribe, team, collaboration, group, friends….

Over the last few years with The Health Coach Group, the importance of community has become more and more AND more apparent.


I’m not sure how or why I started out building our community so quickly, but I will tell you – it was the thing to do.  It is not the single secret to our success, however, it is one of the most important things I’ve done.

“If you follow your bliss…you will begin to meet people who are in the field of your bliss, and they open doors to you.” Joseph Campbell

Over the years, in our thirst for more knowledge and education, we found mentors.  Mine include Brendan Brazier, Marie Forleo, Anthony Robbins,, Frank Lloyd Wright, Mother Teresa.  Some of them know they are my mentors…others don’t have a clue.  We learn from them and then grow from experience and add to their principles.  Role Models are people who excel in a field.  They are people who you admire.  It is our job to study them, learn from them by studying patterns, behaviors, qualities and outcomes.

Make a list of 5 people who you have learned from.  How did you learn from them and what are 2 of the greatest lessons they “taught”?


What about the people who are not so famous as your mentors.  Your contemporaries.  People who are in the same field, facing the same struggles and looking for the same outcome.  Once they come together, they share knowledge, information, dreams, realities, successes and failures.  In order to be a productive member of a group (or tribe) like this, you must enter selflessly.  You must realize that there is enough abundance to go around.


“There is plenty of room at the top.”  Daniel Webster


The power is in the group.  When we get over jealousy and competition and share our resources, we go so far beyond self promotion into a place that is more universal.  That is where the sweet spot is.


“There is no union except in the same high effort.” Antoine de Saint-Exupery


So, the question to ask is who am I surrounding my self with?  People who encourage growth and compliment your efforts…or people who are suppressing possibility?  We don’t always get to pick who our coworkers are, our family or our neighbors.  You do choose those in your tribe…are you choosing to be with the people who say “I can’t”…or someone who says “I will find out how”?  Are you with people who make you crazy…or someone who encourages growth?

Make a list of the people you would like to surround yourself with.  If you don’t know….take a week …look for them and come back to make your list.

When you are with your “people” you will know the “big secret”, that is that we are here for other people.  Your contribution is valuable to others.


Benefits in Business of “Invisible Hands”


  1. Networking  our best business (both sides) is from referrals.  When a designer refers a painter, the client can be pretty sure they will have a good paint job.  When a health coach specializing in eating disorders refers another who specializes in gluten intolerance, then, they have filled the clients need and entered into a business arrangement with the spirit of reciprocity.
  2. Lowered Cost (both fiscal and time) is inevitable when there are 100 people paying for the production of a needed resource, instead of one alone.  This could include shared resources and products, like marketing tools, communication products, shared client offerings (gym memberships, book prices…etc.)
  3. Better Products are available when more people are sharing the expense.
  4. Support provided during challenges.  A place to go to with questions and obstacles.
  5. Shared labor reduces the expense of hiring and production.
  6. Increased resources are available with the increase of people and knowledge pooling.
  7. Increased revenue with the networking, affiliate fees, referrals, shared expense reduction, innovation and product and service improvement.
  8. Access to expertise increases with the background and knowledge difference in a group.


Through history people have found strength in communities formed in worship and religion, sports, education, addiction and recovery, and political affiliation.  These are people who share the same beliefs and intentions and add strength, purpose and conviction to their lives.  One of the most important human needs is to “belong”.  Belonging also fills other human needs of importance, contribution, socialization and security.


“Community involvement has actually been shown to be a physical benefit.  “Dr. Ruden’s studies show that without sufficient community connection our brains produce less serotonin, a key neurotransmitter that gives us a feeling of security and well being.  When serotonin levels are deficient, another one of our natural chemicals, dopamine, becomes overactive.” Bill Phillips ‘Transformation’


Become a part of a community, tribe or group who supports each other in growth.   There are groups sprouting up all over the place, they may be in your geographical community or on the internet.  Whether it is health, spiritual, religious, weight loss, authors, blogging…if there is something that you want to do better…find a group of like minded people and thrive!

The internet gives us an advantage today, with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, we have NO geographical boundaries.  Now, this is what you need to know -if you learn nothing else from me in this article – listen to this – tribes need leaders.


As a health coach and a leader, you are in a particularly good place to create communities.

  1. People are realizing that traditional health solutions aren’t what they want to look forward to.  Bit by bit and with the help of experts like Dr. Oz, Mark Hyman and even the Insurance companies, people are realizing that lifestyle changes are the answer to preventing degenerative disease.  The internet has helped to spread the word and the internet gives health coaches a FREE platform to create those communities and establish your expertise.
  2. It’s becoming common knowledge that you can no longer expect to go to the grocery store, the hospital, the schools – really anyplace and trust that the food you purchase, the care you get or the people who teach you – are disclosing fully (much less that THEY have the proper knowledge of what they sell, subscribe or profess) what is safe, sound or best for you.  People are looking for people who’ve taken the time to look into and educated themselves and to find the resources for them to learn who and what they can trust and who and what they need to steer clear of.
  3. More and more people are choosing to use their hard earned money to take measures to avoid later long term expenses caused by not taking care of themselves.  That means that they’re ready to spend their money on self care and health coaching.
  4. In the communities you create online or offline, the members are encouraged to be leaders too.  This is incredibly helpful to health coaches – why?  When there is a group of people working toward the same objective, those members who take on leadership positions help everyone.  Support, education, sharing of experiences and stories.  When I was using a port to donate blood, the nurse said “I can’t believe more people don’t use that lidocaine cream to numb the skin for the huge needles required and then pulled upon for up to two hours” – I told her that the doctors and nurses don’t recommend the cream – it was my Facebook group that told me to ask for it.  This gives you, as a health coach an even broader advantage.  Not only can you lead in your own groups and communities – YOU CAN BE A LEADER IN ANY COMMUNITY.




Who are 5 people you can count on for unconditional support, encouragement and inspiration?

Are these same people in your field of bliss or growth?

Who can I offer unconditional support, encouragement and inspiration too?


masterminds for health coaches

I would love to see you each be a part of our peer community.  You should ALL be leaders in your own community as well.  Next week I’m going to talk more about how to create a community of your own and give you some usable tips for leading that community.


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  1. Katheryn

    I completely agree—I think it is common for people with a passion to feel alone, and communities give us the strength to realize how our dreams can become a reality from learning and interacting with others.
    My idols used to be models and people who have to be healthy for their profession because there are usually great tips, but when you are trying to have a business, turning to others who have succeeded with a business model rather than a personal goal is the next thing to seek out and get influenced by!


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