Interview with Dr Monika Gostic – Health and Business Strategist
Podcast 126

  • Our bodies are each unique and it’s easy to forget everyone requires a different approach to improve their health. Dr. Monika Gostic is a scientist well-versed in nutrition who experienced her own health issues before becoming a health and business strategist. She joins Cathy to explain why one diagnosis and treatment does not fit all, and why it’s worth it to help others and go for the health coaching business you want! 

    In this episode, Cathy and Monika discuss: 

    • Why Monika chose microbiology as her field of study 
    • Inflammatory and autoimmune diseases Monika aims to understand in her cancer research
    • Why the diagnosis process is different for everyone
    • Suggestions to prevent inflammation with anti-inflammatory nutrition
    • What a balanced meal really means
    • How Monika decided to become a health coach and what she’d do differently if she had to do it all again
    • Letting go of imposter syndrome and going for what you want


My name is Monika and I am a Healthy Living and Business Strategist and a scientist. I struggled with weight and health my entire life! My lifestyle affected my weight, my mental health and my social life! I couldn’t keep a boyfriend. I couldn’t fit into any social group. I was depressed but hid it under excessive laughing. All this affected me on so many levels that I am STILL learning to heal.

Luckily, I met a health coach who started me on this wonderful journey 10 years ago. I gained a whole new life and also lost 55lbs. I am now in the best shape of my life, despite having gone through pregnancy, a lot of personal problems and a very demanding job as a scientist.

I struggled through depression, through anxiety, through being a single mum in a foreign country to receiving support from food banks as I couldn’t afford to live. I accumulated debt and was getting frequently ill due to stress and its effect on my immune system. Having gone through life experience on so many levels, I fully understand how it it when you are tired, have a lot of obligations and just don’t know how to eat and stay healthy, let alone how to start your own business without needing to spend money.

I see women struggling to run their business and keep up with their families. I get it – I was one of them! After I have undertaken extensive business training and successfully launched my own business I decided it’s time to give back!

Memorable Quotes:

  • “You cannot eradicate a disease, however, you can really suppress the symptoms when you know how to eat and how to treat your body.”
  • “Our bodies are so different that you cannot blueprint the diagnosis and you also cannot blueprint the solution.” 


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Health Coach Group Website


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