Interview – Thom Underwood – Functional Health Coaching


Interview – Thom Underwood – Functional Health Coaching

Podcast 36

Welcome to another episode of Health Coach Conversations! Today, Cathy talks with Thom Underwood about functional health coaching and how he provides patients with a more extensive understanding of how to improve their health.     

In this episode, Cathy and Thom discuss the following:

  • Schools that specialize in functional medicine and nutrition
  • How functional medicine impacts health coach’s ability to help clients
  • The rise of pairing functional health coaches with practicing physicians
  • Examples and benefits of cautionary insurance
  • The difference between teaching and diagnosing
  • The increasing need for health coaches

In 2007, Thom was diagnosed with metabolic syndrome. He made significant lifestyle changes and dramatically reduced his weight from 290 pounds to 181 pounds! Thom became interested in functional medicine and eventually received his certification for functional health coaching through the School of Applied Functional Medicine. He adamantly believes everyone can benefit from knowing more about functional medicine. While he acknowledges that he is not a doctor or medical professional, he does possess the experience, tools, and knowledge needed to successfully treat the root causes of a variety of ailments and help his patients on their journey to better health.        


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