Instagram for Health Professionals
with Shereen Pasha

Instagram for Health Professionals with Shereen Pasha

Podcast 09

Welcome back for another episode of  Health Coach Conversations! There are so many options when it comes to social media and how you should promote your online health coach business. So today I invited Shereen Pasha to the show to talk about how you can be utilizing Instagram to grow your online health coach business. In this episode Cathy and Shereen talk about the following:

  • Instagram vs Other Social Media Platforms   
  • Standing Out On Instagram  
  • Tools To Make Instagram Better For Business     
  • Creating Organic Reach Via Instagram    
  • Hashtags!
Many health coach business are turning to Instagram when it comes to promoting on social media. Instagram is a fast growing platform and has more users than Twitter or Facebook. Business owners, specifically in the health and wellness fields, have found that it is easy to connect with and find their ideal clients on Instagram. You can use instagram to share stories, pictures, transformations, and personal journeys – which can help your ideal clients to also find you. The search features on Instagram make it super easy to find user generated content that is aligned with your interests – helping you to connect with the right people. Thanks to hashtags, Instagram is one of the best places for organic reach, as well as reaching more people at once. By using the proper hashtags you can find people who are going through the same journey you did, or are going through – making it very easy to share your story and connect with those you should be serving.

Using Instagram – we touch on the following topics:

  1. Basic/Personal account vs. Business Account.
  2. Stand out in your bio! Use keywords and link to your free lead magnet or site.
  3. Using Instagram Stories. Being creative within your time-limit.
  4. Know, like, and trust using Instagram and moving them to your email list / pages.
  5. Must post from your phone unless using another 3rd party app.
  6. Giveaways
  7. Developing professional relationships and partnerships


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