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Sell on Instagram w/Elise Darma

Podcast 173

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by how to leverage social media, you’re not alone. Elisa Darma breaks down the 4 seasons of Instagram marketing and shares actionable tips to grow your business and get more clients no matter how many followers you have!

In this episode, Cathy and Elise discuss:

•How Elise transitioned from doing social media for start-ups to her own business
•Common excitement and fears about Instagram for business owners
•Advice to focus on getting clients and understanding your target market on Instagram
•Whether you should have both a personal account and a business account
•4 Seasons of Instagram Marketing:
      1. Visibility: The need for people to know about you and grow your following
      2. Engagement: Understand why people are following you and what they need
      3. Lead Generation: Asking for leads and collecting emails
      4. Sales: Launching your course or offer, getting clients to buy in
•How Elise approaches marketing on Instagram vs. Facebook
•Suggestions for using Instagram Story Stickers designed to increase visibility: location, mention, hashtag
•Tips for using Instagram polls and DMs to get clients and close sales
•Different ways to create easy, consistent videos that will grab your audience’s attention
•Why authenticity matters and how to up your entertainment value

Elise Darma is an Instagram marketing educator who specializes in helping not-so-Insta-famous business people make REAL revenue directly from the free app. She’s helped over 20,000 people truly grow their businesses, sell more programs and build money-making brands – all through her no-fluff courses like Story Vault, Caption Vault, Videos Vault and Social Bank. Elise has been featured for her Instagram expertise in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer and Social Media Examiner.

Memorable Quotes:

  • “For business owners, there are a lot of emotions when it comes to Instagram, and social media in general for business, but the opportunity is still here today with Instagram to make sales even as a really small account.” 
  • “That’s why I say to have one account…your business is a reflection of you. You’re often the business owner or the face of the brand, so don’t be afraid to show, especially in your stories, the behind the scenes look of your life.” 
  • “A business doesn’t have four evenly spaced seasons, but we all go through different phases of visibility, engagement, lead generation, and sales. Once you know what phase you’re in or what season you’re in, then you can really tap into what your business needs the most.”  
  • Don’t delete reels. Let them sit, learn from them. If you don’t get a lot of views that means it wasn’t a hit with your audience. Learn from what works, learn from what doesn’t work, but just keep showing up in 15 second increments.”


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