The Importance of Gut Health


The Importance of Gut Health

Podcast 46

Cathy welcomes Stefani Wooldridge to the show to discuss the impact of gut health. Stefani is the show’s website designer but also works as a dietician specializing in gut health. She shares her experience of helping patients address gut health as a way to treat many common illnesses and diseases.      

In this episode, Cathy and Stefani discuss the following:

  • How gut health is connected to a wide range of health issues
  • Stephanie’s approach for addressing gut health
  • Types of supplements and treatments used in treating gut issues
  • The impact of food sensitivity test results on your diet
  • What an elimination diet entails and its effect on gut health
  • Common myths surrounding gut health    
  • The importance of variety and finding foods that help you the most
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Stefani’s first job was with a chiropractor that focused on autoimmune diseases and a holistic approach to treating a variety of ailments, including focusing on gut health. Stefani believes gut health is all about finding what works for you and super restrictive diets aren’t necessary. She has great suggestions for food sensitivity testing and how to use the results to improve your gut health in a way that supports your lifestyle!      

Listen To Episode 46 Below:


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