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Coaching can be scary for the coach and the coachee.  We’ll look at ways to make you and your client more comfortable and successful.

How to Take the Scary Out of Your Coaching

and put Life Changing into Your Coaching Programs



First, for all of you who subscribe to this blog and not to my newsletters, you may have been missing the last few weeks.  You can get caught up here… https://www.thehealthcoachgroup.com/blog/  I worked on a new format for when our new website gets switched over.  It’s taken quite a bit longer to change our site over – but…..da da da dum….it’s done now.  Those of you who use DIVI and page builder know, it’s a great platform, but it’s a job to switch to that format from the old, especially when you’re starting with 600 pages.  We’ve been running subdomains for over a year now .  There are 4 or 5 blogs you can catch up on, and I think they’ve been pretty helpful lately.  The blogs are all going to be a lot more fun to read now!

How many of you graduated from health coaching school and felt the fear immediately?  Tell the truth.  


That is why our programs have been and can be so successful for you.

The #1 way to be comfortable and successful with programs is to be 100% informed.  

We’ve found that having the health coach run through the program themselves helps to:

  1. Be aware of the program from beginning to end
  2. Become more confident in the presentation
  3. Allow for empathy throughout the process
  4. Know when there will be a tendency to drop off or become overwhelmed
  5. Be ready with support ahead of time
  6. Be able to develop their twist and customize the program to their client’s needs
  7. Provide the opportunity for the coach to walk the talk

Coaches who participate in our programs before taking your customers through have not only become less fearful of the process, and they’ve also grown a bit themselves.  It’s been an asset to them in more ways than are even listed above.  It helps them to know the programs and themselves.  The programs we’ve done this with so far are The 12 Day Detox, 12 Week Physician-Health Coach Healthy Habits and, A Lighter Life.

We started out offering a version of the six-month program – it was just a prettied up version of the IIN program.  We’d had an agreement with them to provide it to their students.  After they had decided they should do this themselves, we separated and built our programs.  It was extremely helpful because we learned from feedback what needed to be a lot different and what was working.  We also knew that our clients were working successfully with their customers for longer than six months.  So we created our distinctive and exclusive 12-month program that could be broken into smaller increments to prevent overwhelming your customers and make it easier to sell as well as more modular.  There was also supplemental modules for very specific specialization capability.  We grew professionally.  Starting with me creating the programs – straight into the design and doing my edits.  Now, we use professionals for that.  It didn’t take long to start specializing our programs, and we still continue creating more programs.

Types of Coaching Programs:

  • One on One Coaching (our 3-6-9-12-Month Program)
  • Group Specialty Coaching
    • 12 Day Detox
    • 28 Day Slim, Sexy & Smart (fun weight loss – good for adding products in)
    • 28 Day Spiritual Cleanse
    • 12 Week Physician Approved Healthy Habits
    • 12 Weeks to A Lighter Life (life coaching)
  • Total Online Group Coaching through participation (Healthy Holidays)
  • Soon we will have a 7 Day Leaky Gut Program – This should evolve into one on one coaching and may even grow for us

These programs not only add comfort and structure, they make it possible for you to modify how much time you spend with your customers. You can spend an hour a week, bimonthly, monthly or NOT AT ALL!

I know, it’s funny to think that you’re coaching business could run itself – online.

It’s your business, you get to pick.  That’s why creating a business plan is important.  Introspection and research allow you options in your coaching business that you may never have considered.  We have health coaches who hire other health coaches to coach their groups. This is something that you have TOTAL control of – as long as you grab hold and take that control.



Who to Coach

The KEY to successful Coaching Business (*any business for that matter)

We’re back here again.  You need to narrow it down.  I know – You’ll coach anyone.  You need to narrow it down.  What special talents, knowledge, material access, do you have?  Who is pulled to you for help?  Who do you connect with?  It’s time to decide.  If you know who you’re talking to and where to find answers for them, neither of you will be so scared.


Would you like to read more?

Your First Coaching Client


Our Solution

Make ALL our programs available for health coaches to run through.

This will serve 4 purposes:

  1. You can understand fully, the clients experience.
  2. Some of you can test run the program to know it’s for you and your client.
  3. We will offer coaching experience to some of our coaches and students.
  4. Health Coaches can have the benefit of some self-care for themselves.

You can sign up to run through any of our programs next week!


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