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We’ve had 100’s of health coaches going through our “Make More Money in 2016” Free Group.  They are achieving.  We have one coach who hooked up with a spa on the ocean, another who got 3 new customers in one day and all kinds of forward movement that has created the reality of more money in 2016 instead of just the wish.


So…..what’s the difference?


Daily Action Steps


You can say you want something all you want – but you must do two other things


  1. Ask yourself “what’s my next step to achieve that”.
  2. Then follow through and do it.


Why is this group working?


  • We’ve broken into masterminds and learned how to encourage and support each other.
  • We’ve suggested daily steps.
  • We’ve been held accountable for our actions and results.

We’ve seen so much success with this that we’ve incorporated this as a FREE program that will run continually through the year.


Join Make More Money I

Join Make More Money Continued


This is free, any health coach, chiropractor, doctor, or professional/specialist in health and wellness is invited to join us.  You’ll be glad you did.  We aren’t selling anything, the purpose for this is simply to get you making more money.

It’s a 4 week, series established to help you make more money. It will be FUN and PRODUCTIVE!


Here’s what you will get:

• Daily EASY business building action steps by email
• How to get more more clients and making more money
• A Facebook group just for us– support, accountability, sharing and one extra layer of success insurance.
• How to – Masterminds and Phone conferences.
Business Building Action Plan for Health Coaches – Get More Clients and Make Money Doing What You Love in 2016!


You will get clear steps daily to grow your business. This will get you started on the road to earning more money in your health coaching business.
Plus you will be invited to our exclusive weekly live coaching, Mentoring Mondays. Get your questions answered and learn more than you ever dreamed possible. (Video provided if you can’t attend).


Join me and other health coaches! It is totally, 100% FREE!


Who doesn’t love planning for the new year?  Maybe I’m a planning nerd – I love it.  I know everyone’s been talking about which planner to use.  My friend, Nathalie Lussier has a nice comparison.


There are a lot of fancy planners out there – some really in depth that explore your values and your short and long term goals, as well as – what I’m going to use this year – my simple, free google calendar.  It works for me.  I’ve used Leonie Dawson’s and the pretty planner from Whitney English.


I’ve done it enough, (tells my age).  Sharing with you what works for me may help you.

  • I know my values – but revisit them often.
  • I look back at what’s worked and what hasn’t over the last year.
  • I list out all my goals – (I get them hourly) 🙂
  • I create action steps.  Those action steps go into tasks in google calendar.
  • and I get it done.


How do you do your New Year planning?  Will you share your top tips with us in the comments?  Let’s carry on a conversation this week to help each other make the most of our time and money this year.


Happy New Year!!!





  1. Mickey

    I am trying to sign up for the Free group and I keep getting an error msg that says the group is no longer available, but I just received the email about the group.

  2. Zandra Ross

    I am in the same boat as Mickey. It will not allow me to sign up.


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