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6 Steps to Start a Health Coaching Business

Small Budget vs Large Budget


You can start a business with no money or a lot of money.   There is an investment of time and money to consider as well as having a good idea, plan, willingness to fail a few (a lot) times.  The question is,  where do you start.  Well, we all know that there’s the need for a Business Plan.  In the meantime, there are certain things you can do with or without a large monetary investment.  The 6 most meaningful steps are listed below and how to do them in a small scale or large scale (with or without money).


When I first started out, I couldn’t just jump into my business and I definitely wasn’t in a situation where I could afford to invest a lot of money.  I ran a good size business that already took 50 hours a week of my time and I supported my family.  So, I continued to work at my business.  I invested in advertising and product creation as I needed to and I did hire people to help me right away.  I lost money for about 9 months – and then I started making money.  Most of us are in real life positions where we’ve got to be smart.  Don’t waste time and don’t waste money – but invest yourself 100%.  I worked a lot of hours to start out – and I MEAN a LOT.  Luckily, I enjoyed every minute of it.


#1 Create Something – Video, Blog, Programs


No money? – Blog, Get Programs already made for you, do webinars.

Have some money? – Blog, Podcast, webinars, Programs already made and customized for You, a website, a book, products


#2 Build Your List


With an email list – you always have someone to sell to.  So, regardless of whether you have money or not, this is a priority.  This converts better than any other advertising on the planet.

No money? – Create Facebook Community through Groups, run small ads

Have some money? – Advertise for optins.  Through Facebook, Google, LinkedIn – Send out mailings,


#3 Create a Relationship with JV Partners


What’s the quickest way to build your list?  With the help of others!  Find people in your field who share the same ideal client – and offer them value to share with their lists.  This grows your list faster than anything else.

No money? – Offer a consultation, a sample of a program, a webinar that will add value to the partner.  Ask them to share it with their list through emails and posts or webinars or by adding it on as a bonus to their programs.

Have some money? – Offer a consultation, a sample of a program, a webinar, book – something of value for your partner.  Offer to advertise to their followers on Facebook.  Offer to speak to their clients or be interviewed.  Offer a contest to their clients (through them) or ask to do a direct mail piece through their email to their clients.  Plan a live event together.

Whatever you do, the idea is to get your name and optin info out in front of your partner’s followers/list/community.  This can grow your list like crazy.


#4  Connect in Your Community


Get out and meet people at events, conferences, health shows, your Chamber of Commerce, Toastmasters……  Spread the word.  Take your card with you where ever you go and be your own advocate.

No money?  Do it yourself, schedule the time, go to affordable events with low travel cost.  Social Media is a great place to build and become a part of communities.

Have some money?  Hire someone, travel and pay for events with big people who can help you in a big way.  Take a good value offering with you to everything.  Advertise for your community.

Community is important.  Whether it’s live or social media, you need a tribe of peers, partners and potential customers.


#5  Build a Team


As soon as you can afford it, get help.  Your team can be your greatest asset.  Build your team as soon as you can, the trick is to fill all the jobs with people who can do it better than you.  Then, you do what you do best.

No money?  Start out slow, use a VA whenever you need.

Have some money?  Get your team going – VA first and then build and fill all the positions you don’t want to – or someone can do better than you.


#6 Educate Yourself

Take whatever courses you need to know how to do things right.  It’s an investment in your business and your future income and will save you loads of time and money in efforts and errors.



Do you have tips for someone starting out in business?  Share in the comments below.


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  1. Lynne Wadsworth

    Great information, thanks. It can be so difficult starting out in business. We come out of college with such high hopes and it can be really difficult facing the reality. Good information and refresher.

  2. Gina

    Great info.


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