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When I created these programs – the 3-6-9-12 Month Program, 12 Day Detox, 28 Day Slim, Sexy and Smart, I put them up on the internet…and found that we could sell a lot of programs, throw the clients into a Facebook group to create peer support…and all of a sudden, we could sell 1,000 programs, give the client an additional layer of support and it took no time except the distribution.

There is something BIG that can happen – with programs and delivery – you go from struggling to fill your calendar and charge between $25 and $75 an hour – make the time – to selling 4-9 programs a week or a month and there is no cost…except the delivery. It doesn’t get much better than that.

If you have a 20 hour week…to see clients…you will need to match that in administrative and marketing time. That gives you a 40-50 hour work week with a maximum income of $500 – $1500 a week.

If you sell one program a week (the more expensive Gold Physician Weight Loss). You have 40 hours left in the week for administration, marketing and coaching at your will and you made $1680.00 a week already.

If you do things right…you sell more than one…you market and you sell 50 detoxes, 20 28 Day Slim, Sexy’s, 10 Physician Weight Loss and your income for the week is $27,090.00 and you STILL have 40 hours left in the week for administration, marketing and coaching at will.

YOU CAN DO THIS. You need to set up the system, believe in yourself and do the work. It doesn’t happen by purchasing our programs and then going to a Juice Fest and forgetting about it…It happens by diving in, following the directions and making things happen.

How to Sell Your Online Programs

I will be discussing this topic during Mentoring Monday this week 3/16/15 at 10 PT, 11 MT, 12 CT, 1 ET.  It is open this week to everyone.  Click here to join us.  If you can’t make it, register anyway, we will record it.

I would love it if you have used other ways to sell your online programs and you would share that with us in the comments below.

We will discuss the following methods:

  1. E-mail Marketing
  2. Webinars
  3. Partners
  4. Social Media
  5. Use testimonials
  6. Share the features
  7. Share the benefits
  8. Start sharing the course with your followers a long time in advance
  9. Start sharing the topic in advance
  10. Provide social proof
  11. Have a clear guarantee

We will talk more about each point Monday.

Now you know why you should want to sell programs online and how to tell people about them.  Next week we will talk about how to deliver them. (hint – we will talk about DSD® and all the steps we go through to do it)

Please share in the comments below:

  1. If you were going to sell a program…what would it be?
  2. Who would you sell it to?
  3. What questions do you have about how to market programs?



  1. Susie

    I am bookmarking this Cathy! Thank you for breaking it down, doing the math and teaching us that online is the way to go!! Fantastic!!

  2. Sue Johnson

    I registered for the webinar tomorrow and can’t wait to find out more about this. I haven’t really been doing much marketing lately as I’m just getting started. Definitely interested in learning more about DSDII. I would sell detox and eating whole foods programs to people who are struggling with losing weight and/or want to live a healthier lifestyle.

  3. Sue Ann Gleason

    There is so much involved in filling programs and serving our communities deeply, I’m not sure I could sum it up in a who-what-who manner. I DO know from running online programs for about seven years now that growing an engaged community is the first and most vital step. Thank you for sharing your perspective here, Cathy.

    • Cathy

      VERY true Sue Ann, without an engaged community, there is no one to email. Better watch out…you will get me back to preaching about optins again.

  4. Marian

    I won’t be able to attend tomorrow as I’m already working but I have an online program and the people who have done it, loved it! I’m struggling with marketing and gaining trust in those who don’t know me. I would love to learn how to address this.

  5. Ashlie Pappas

    I love this. While I am traveling, I am preparing to rebrand and launch using the DSD and a 3 of the programs. I love how easy this concept is and it makes a ton of sense. Especially when you have a large group of people working toward the same goal. The community support is so helpful. Thank you so much for sharing this! <3

  6. Lori Cunningham

    There soooo much involved with online programs! I think any help that you can give in this area will be much appreciated. I look forward to it.

  7. Sandra Mendez

    I registered after the fact 🙁 hope I still get an email with the recording :))

  8. Johanna

    Thanks for making this easy for us! Such a great program.

  9. Michelle

    ARGH! I can’t believe I’m reading this now and missed the Monday call. Let me know if you’re doing it again any time soon, Cathy. You have my email or you can let me know on fb. 🙂

  10. Shelley ugyan

    It was a very helpful webinar Cathy! Thanks for going over the specifics and it was also really good to hear you break down some questions for others on the call- I could relate to the questions around building a list. Thanks for all you do!

  11. Cynthia Djengue

    I hope it went great for everyone. Definitely interested in more than $500-1500 a week. I am glad you have found your niche in the health coach market, Cathy!

  12. april

    very helpful information, cathy! (especially since i am currently collaborating with a colleague to create my first online program.) looks like i missed monday’s call (is there a recording?).

  13. Shani

    I hate I am just now reading this. I am interested in the webinars portion.

  14. Sarah

    Cathy, great content, as always. Unfortunately, I missed the webinar. If you’re posting a link to the replay, I’d love it. I’m about half and half right now — online and in person coaching. A focus for me is to increase my online presence this year. Pricing remains a challenge for me. I tend to underprice and over-deliver, which makes some online work more intense than in person!

  15. Maria

    Bless you for sharing your experiences and wisdom – inspiring to know we can do it too xx


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