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Plus How to Market Your Business Online

Our programs give health coaches a way to make money outside of the hours they spend one on one with clients.  Because a lot of coaches have no business experience, it can be a giant tangled mess to unravel.

Read this to find out how to do it – step by step – and what you need.

#1  _____  Certificate of Completion from a Health Coaching Course

#2  _____  Business Plan

#3  _____  Marketing Plan

#4  _____  Website

#5  _____  Well documented, Professional, Health Coaching Programs

#6  _____ Support, Ideas and Accountability

Eventually, you’ll want to add to this list.  You’ll want to revisit your business plan regularly.  Websites and programs will need to be updated.  You will want to implement your marketing plan consistently.

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Cathy Sykora

Cathy Sykora

Founder, The Health Coach Group

Cathy helps health coaches build and maintain successful businesses that improve the lives of others.

Marketing on Auto-Pilot


We’ve helped thousand of health coaches to get their businesses planned with Building Abundance.  Last year we introduced Online Marketing Mastery.  The content is high quality, and once you master it, your business will run on auto-pilot.

There are some of you who haven’t had enough experience with it to understand exactly how it works.  I know it sounds too good to be true, but it’s not.

Once you have your sales funnel set up, you’re ready to go.  All you have to do is keep offering and advertising those free things.  Then, visit your customers in their Facebook Group or your coaching meetings.  Everything else is automated, and it’s designed to continually feed your business new clients.

There are a lot of little details in the setup, and it’s real easy to get caught up in the parts and pieces.  We’re offering this for $97 this week only.  However, I’m sharing the schematic here for free.  If you don’t want to invest the $97 to go through the workshop and get it all setup, you can follow the graph and google for free information.






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