Time for another cleanse!

I have some health challenges that really aren’t so unusual as you think.  I go in every week and have a 1/2 litre of blood drawn to reduce the iron build up in my system.  Actually, I am looking forward to reducing my phlebotomy to monthly practice instead of weekly because it has been pretty successful.  They inserted a port into my chest a couple months ago so that they could access the blood a little easier.  It is easy…it’s kind of an ugly little thing…but boy does it make life easier.

Being able to see the change in your blood over time is a gift.  While I truly believe that we don’t have control over many things in life, we can make changes that affect our bodies, our lives and our long term health with simple choices.  We all have great power within us that we don’t always call upon.  This is especially obvious when you can see the difference between clean and clear blood and thick and clotted.  It will be kind of fun to see what the blood looks like after this next cleanse.

Clear skin is one of the first things you can see with a cleanse…when you can see the inner and outer changes – it is especially powerful.

I am going to take advantage of the spirit of the cleanse this time and cleanse my home.  I am ready to get rid of all the “things” that clutter my home and take up space and are non essential.

A cleanse is a lot like a “rebirth”.  A do-over.  We quickly clean away the “not so good” things we have done and feed our body with food that nourishes, heals and cleanses.

A group of health coaches and I are joining together to support each other through the 12 Day Detox on Monday and want to share the process of preparing with you.

I don’t know about you,  a lot has happened in the last couple years and I am really needing to cleanse.  This for me, is going to be a 28 day detox.  (Maybe this will be the start of another program!).

Some opportunities for you while cleansing:

  • television cut back
  • clutter removal
  • relationship detox
  • business practice cleanup
  • spiritual growth

Set aside some time to grow and consider anything in your life that doesn’t serve you.


A couple years ago I wrote a blog on how to prepare for a cleanse and my favorite tools and thought I would share it again.


#1  Order Wheatgrass from Sungrown Organics


If you don’t have a green thumb (like me) – this is the (almost) perfect solution.  It is a lot less expensive to grow your own…unless like me, you take those poor seeds home to get moldy and die.  They deliver this to my house every other week and it keeps nicely in my refrigerator.  Sungrown Organics has lots of other nice organic sprouts, herbs and greens…so as long as you are overnighting the wheatgrass, you may as well get some other nice foods for your detox.  (not professionally connected…just years of great experience)


2325 Hollister St, San Diego, CA 92154

(800) 995-7776

You don’t have to have fresh wheatgrass.  You can get it frozen from Whole Foods or freeze dried, ready to mix with water and drink.  You can also skip it entirely.  A detox is still a detox if you choose not to drink wheatgrass.  David Wolfe says the best wheatgrass you can drink (or chew) is in your own front yard.  I have seen what my husband sneaks onto our lawn to have it be the best manicured in the neighborhood.  I will stick with my organic friends in San Diego.


#2  Get all my appliances and tools in a row…



HAND JUICER – this was the first wheat grass juicer I owned.  It works just fine.

I use different blenders and juicers. My kitchen has evolved over a period of time.  All these fancy gadgets are FABULOUS…but a detox does not require them.


A knife and a simple blender are enough to get the job done.


Back in 2011, I rearranged my refrigerator, pantry and cabinets monthly (at a minimum).  Healthy eating requires a whole different set of tools.


It is terribly expensive to go out and get everything all at once.



BREVILLE JUICER – I am on my second Breville Juicer.  I use it daily, it is easy and as quick as juicing CAN be.

My evolution may have been a little quicker than some…a little slower than others.  It was hard to justify all the expense.


The quest for health began humbly with a knife, old food processor and an old blender ( from Cathy’s pantry).

The first casualty was the old food processor, it burned up on the first attempt at home made protein bars.  It isn’t pictured here – but that really was the first big purchase.  A heavy duty 16 cup food processor – Cuisinart Elite from Williams Sonoma (they have great sales).  I have used the heck out of that.  It was expensive, the blade had to be replaced once (don’t leave the pits in dates).  It is used for the bars, chopped salads, goodies like raw cacao maca balls, raw carrot cake, cashew frosting or dressing.



LEMON SQUEEZER – August 2011

Moving on, the next purchase was a little under $50.  It was a handy little  hand juicer (Amazon).


Then, graduating to a Breville (William Sonoma).  I learned the joy of delicious, pulp free green juice.  My (husband’s)  garden flourished with all the pulp for compost.  The Breville is worn out now… this won’t be an addition, but a replacement this year.  Ha!  Unless they have one that is more heavy duty and will last more than 3 years.  We are currently juicing and straining.  (another purchase – different size strainers).  I tried a new basket (houses the blades)…but it didn’t help.  It is used every 2 days in my house, so although it pains me to have to buy a new one, we have definitely not wasted it.



VITAMIX – October 2011 – for well blended smoothies, cashew creams, chia pudding (I am on my second vitamix too).

A little hand juicer is really nice for lemons.  It was added in August. (Amazon)


My old blender was fine.  (This is starting to sound like confessions of a mad housewife!)  The Vitamix was calling my name.  It was the Cadillac of blenders and I lusted after it.  One day I walked into Costco with my sister and here was this young guy demonstrating the Vitamix.  He put in all these sweet fruits and a teensy bit of spinach…and it was delicious.  1 minute later – there was a Vitamix in my cart.   I paid cash so my husband wouldn’t have a fit.  My husband knows what it cost now.  We got far enough from the date of purchase…and I used it every day – sometimes 3 times a day.  It was a good purchase.  (Costco)



OMEGA JUICER – March 2013 Wheatgrass

2 years later, I finally got an Omega for my wheatgrass and handed my hand juicer (still in pristine condition) to my daughter.


If you have a lot of disposable income…you are a lucky duck. If you are like many of us – it takes a while.


Let’s not forget the dehydrator. (ebay)  Someplace in there I got brave enough to soak and dehydrate nuts.  I also made protein bars in the dehydrator.  I had trouble getting Brendan Brazier’s bars to stick together, so I got the bright idea to dehydrate them.  BIG TIME SAVER TIP:  Nuts are great dehydrated – Brendan’s bars…not so much.


Writing all this – it sounds like an awful lot.  I changed my title from “How I Prepare for a Detox” to “My Own Detox – A Confession” and back again.  All of these purchases happened over 4 years. – You add it all up and though it is outrageously expensive – it costs much less than a new oven or a microwave that I will never replace again (I am the queen of justification).


The important thing to remember – the tools make it easier – but they are not necessary.  You truly can do a detox with a knife and an old blender.


Salads, soups, juices, nuts, seeds, sprouts.  They don’t require these things.  You can eat clean without the gadgets and doo-dads.  You will feel better and look better – your skin will glow – and none of that has anything to do with the items in our kitchen.


#3  Grocery Shopping


shopping-ideasTo begin my detox, I am sure to have lemons, greens, avocados, celery, cucumbers, fennel, hemp seeds, nuts, oils, strawberries, apples, blueberries and I am good to go.


Smoothies and juices (see the distinction in the 12 Day Detox) are a big part of the detox – but not the only part.


[/caption]If you are anything like me, you will get a strong desire to chew during a detox.  Making a salad from what is left in the fridge is always an adventure.  These are some of the best salads you will EVER come up with.  My favorites include pine nuts, walnuts, pecans, cashews, almonds and pistachios on a salad.  If you are really feeling extravagant – macadamia nuts are decadent during a detox.  The secret is to be sure the salad has a little of everything – greens, veggies, fruit, nuts and oils.  A go-to salad is spinach, walnuts, apples and my homemade dressing (in the detox).


Whether you are a detox beginner, intermediate or advanced – make your meal plans ahead, have your groceries in the house and be prepared to start eating healthy the day of your detox.


My library is packed with hundreds of recipe books.  These are some of my favorites that include “detox friendly” recipes:

Crazy Sexy Kitchen – Kris Carr

Crazy Sexy Juices & Succulent Smoothies – Kris Carr (one of my recipes is included)

Thrive Foods – Brendan Brazier

Live Raw – Mimi Kirk

Greens, Glorious Greens – Albi, Walthers

Living on Live Food – Alissa Cohen

The Veganomicon – Isa Moskowitz


These are some books that are worn and loved on my book shelves and include cleansing whole foods.  If you pick from these, plan your menus, go to the grocery store – you are going to have one awesome detox!


#4  Supplements


I wish I would have understood enzymes better when I started out.  A beginner, with increased fiber, can suffer.  That is why juice is good for beginners.  That is also why I added enzymes to my list of supplements to be able to digest my food more comfortably.  We are born with enzymes and they deplete.  I use enzymes daily.


There was a fun experience a couple years ago, after I had WAY too many antibiotics.  I NEVER go without probiotics.  This insures that even if all the bad bacteria is stripped…I will still have good bacteria.


During a detox, I am especially careful to get out into the sun for at least 30-45 minutes per day.  I skip my Vitamin D3 during a detox!


Detox and cleansing are not ALL OR NOTHING.



#5  Preparing for major self-care


cactus-body-brush_zSunshine, exercise, time for reflection, visualization and body care are all a part of a good detox.  I just found a great deal on brushes from Body & Bath.  Both their hand brush and their brush with a long handle come in handy.  The hand brush has softer bristles so it is nice to use that on more delicate skin.  The important thing to remember is to use a wooden base with natural stiff bristles.  They go on sale ($7.00) – that is a great time to stock up.shutterstock_131595845


Coconut oil is  natural, anti bacterial and makes your skin soft and smooth.  I am on auto-ship with Nutiva and Amazon so I never run out.  I get (2) for $16.32.


During a detox, time is scheduled into my day for 30 minutes of vigorous exercise like running, rebounding or strength training and 30 minutes of calm exercise like walking.  I swear one of these days I am going to slow down long enough to practice yoga.  I tried it a few times and it just drove me bananas.  I can handle prayer and meditation, for some reason, I just want to fly out the window when I do yoga.


I also schedule 30-45 minutes outside – this coincides with the walk so I don’t run out of time in the day.


Visualization is a large part of my detox.  Well, really, it is a large part of my life.  Vision boards are very helpful (learn how to create one in the 12 Day Detox).  Daily visualization videos provide a strong tool for our 12 Day Detox.   To learn more about the power of visualization,  read more.

You can get a lot more than you expect from a cleanse if you put 100% into it.

Being mentally and physically prepared for the start of a detox is very important.  I hope this walk through my preparation routine helps you to get ready for yours…even better, I hope that it gets you started and on your way to cleansing your body, mind and soul.

If you are an Inner Circle member and want to go through the detox with us for free, contact [email protected] and Amanda will get you set up.

If you aren’t an Inner Circle Member and would like to go through it with us, contact support and we will get you in contact with one of our health coaches who have it.


Please share this with your friends, especially if they are getting ready to embark on a detox or cleanse.

Share your experience and/or questions about getting ready for a detox below.




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