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Dealing with Conflict

Podcast 166

Cory Sterling Headshot

How to Manage Conflict. As a health coach, it’s important to know how to manage conflict. Cathy breaks down what emotional intelligence means, how mindfulness can help with emotional intelligence, and different ways to cultivate emotional intelligence. 

In this episode, Cathy discusses

  • What emotional intelligence includes 
  • Traits of an emotionally intelligent person 
  • Ways to cultivate emotional intelligence:
    • Self-awareness
    • Self-regulation 
    • Social awareness 
    • Social regulation 
  • Impact of emotional intelligence 
  • How practicing mindfulness increases emotional intelligence 
  • Different mindfulness practices to build self-awareness 
  • Active listening skills that help build social awareness:
    • Make eye contact 
    • Don’t interrupt, accept without judgment
    • Don’t try to fix someone 
    • Don’t try to solve their problems
    • Acknowledge  
  • Tips for empowering everyone to participate in negotiating conflict 
  • How to apologize:
  1. Acknowledge that you’re wrong
  2. Determine what happened
  3. Express remorse 
Memorable Quotes:

  • “Emotional intelligence affects all parts of our life, whether it be academic, professional, financial relationships, satisfaction, or even physical and mental health.”
  • “Mindfulness can help with self-regulation by embracing what’s in your mind and observing your thoughts and not judging. It’s a lot like strength training, the more that you do it, the stronger you become.”
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