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How to Make Time for What Matters and Have More Time Throughout the Day


All of us have said “I don’t have enough time” when confronted with an opportunity.  Time is a premium for everyone.

One of the biggest reasons people say they can’t attend Club Med is time.  One of the biggest reasons I say I can’t work out is time…and the truth is, both of these things contribute to our lives in a way that it gives us more energy, focus, knowledge and every single move we make is less effort and more complete.  It’s true.

We have so many things that we HAVE to do.  I’ll tell you – in a day – my facebook, emails, phone calls, team support, paying bills, making dinner (I know 🙂  I don’t really do that, my husband does), walk the dog, pick up kids….all things we must do to keep everything running.  I could go on and on, but really, one thing piles on another and before you know it, our time is up and it’s time to go to bed.

There is ONE THING we can do that would fix all that.  Make an appointment with yourself in the morning – before the kids get up, the dog needs to go out, you turn your computer on (yes, I know I’m not the only person who sits in bed with their laptop in the morning before 5 a.m.) and write down – what is your #1 thing today that is more important than anything else?  If you don’t know, make an appointment with yourself and think about it.

What would a perfect life look like for you?

What can you do today to move in that direction?  Then just do it.

In our coaching, there are always goals and action steps.  “Physician heal thyself.”  Do it.



Sit down and ask yourself that question – close your eyes and see a perfect life.  Then write down what the action is that you would need to take to get there.  Be practical, living on the moon and traveling from planet to planet may not be so realistic, there are issues with money, transportation and temperature.  When I was in B-School, there were women who were traveling the world – I thought I’d like to do that, but when I started my pros and cons list – I realized that security, roots and home were really important to me.  My family is.  I would be giving up too much to do that.  But maybe it’s that you want your health coaching to go online…that’s reasonable – do it.  Set the action steps.  If you don’t know how…then start back a little further with learning how…then move on.  If you want to work with clients in and office and help lower income people who can’t afford health coaching.  Make a plan and action steps.

You can do anything you set your mind to.  We place many limiting beliefs upon ourselves and they have no basis in fact.

Carve out the time today.  Put it on your calendar – just like if it was a dentist or hair appointment.  Then, you’ll do it and the rest of the daily activity will just have to wait until that is finished.

I don’t know why I ever quit working out.  Once I get into the habit – I can tell you for a fact that the energy and attitude adjustment I get from the exercise adds more time into the day than if I hadn’t take the time to do it.  The same is true with business exercises…it changes the way your day turns out and is more productive all together.

Monday – Saturday

So, commit to 10 minutes a day to plan – that will get you back the time for sure.  Decide – what is the most important thing you can do to reach your goal.  Do it, then do everything else.  Focus on one thing at a time and you will get more done.  Commit to your plan and do it.  You’ll feel better, you’ll accomplish more and with the constant and consistent daily growth, you will get to where you want to be.


We are working on a special day planner for health coaches.  Karen is putting two groups of 25 together as a Beta Planner of sorts.

What we will ask of participants:

  • To have open discussion on what they would like to see in a planner
    Keep an accurate calendar of daily activities for 1 day and turn in your results by snapping a digital image, or sharing a digital file (I’d like to see what people track)
    Share ideas of what the best organizational planner would look like
    Discuss how as a health coach you organize your week
    Discuss what areas of your life you would like to see on a planner
    Discuss what parts of your life you feel needs more organizing
    Share tips and suggestions for better organization
    Take part in group discussions and give feedback on sample designs

What you’ll get from us:

  • We’ll provide structured, good instruction on organization, and even take a look at their computers using the remote viewing on Ring Central to help you organize.

If you’re interested in becoming a part of this, contact [email protected] for more information



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  1. Patti Rugg

    You mean my dream of living on the moon isn’t practical? JK ;D

    Thanks for this post; there are lots of thoughtful tips in here. I love your focus on planning and action steps. You can’t go wrong with a foundation like that 🙂


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