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We did a questionnaire for Building Abundance.  The conclusion with 98% of the answers is…


Many Health Coaches do not understand what goes into getting customers.


It sure sounds easy…”get a customer”….how hard can that be?  It isn’t hard…but it takes some hard work.


Health Coaching is not “get rich quick”


…I don’t think it ever will be.  It is the nature of the beast.  Health Coaching – just like most businesses requires a plan and consistent action to build and grow.


So, can you just “get a customer”?


Well, you could brainstorm and call your friends…and get a customer or two.  That would be good to start.  You tell them you would appreciate their referrals and ask if there is someone they know who could use your services.  If every customer could get you 2 customers…you will grow.  It REALLY is that simple.


But it will take a while.



I have an affiliate…who posted my opt in.  She then boosted the post (I have a GREAT optin – Health Coach University).


She got about 240 optins and then she panicked.  I don’t know how much she spent to boost and get 240 optins…if it costs her what it cost me…I can get 9 opt-ins for $1.00 on Facebook.    Maybe it cost her $30.


It takes a while to convert those opt-ins to sales.  This is very soft selling.  You just keep in contact with them until they are ready to purchase.  Very comfortable, you give free information, wait until they are ready…and when they are ready, you are there, ready to help them.  If she had been consistent, growing the optins consistently and without fail, she would start seeing a return in about 3 months…and that return will grow, and grow and grow.

As long as she continues to promote the opt-in.

Then, she would have a steady income of sales from an automated system.  this is where I see most people fail, you stop.  You get scared and stop…and all these little starts…add up to nothing.


The secret is:

b e    c o n s i s t e n t


and don’t give up.  Make a plan and stick with it.


b e    p a t i e n t


Join us in Building Abundance and I will show you how.


Mentoring Monday

How to Get Customers.

8/4/14 Mentoring Monday 10:00 PT, 11:00 MT, 12:00 CST, 1:00 EST Join Us!

Join from a PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android device: Please click this URL to start or join.


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THIS WILL BE RECORDED I hope to see you there! List any questions below. I will answer them!

What do YOU need help with?

____  Choosing your niche

____  Taking action

____  Website

____  Building your list

____  Getting Customers

____  Clarity

____  Understanding business in general

____  Fear

____  Other


So…tell us below, which do you feel like you need help with?  You have plenty of room.  We are going to talk about your answers.

In Mentoring Monday we are going to talk about How To Get Customers.  This is a special Mentoring Monday – special guests and friends are invited to join The Inner Circle on Monday.

We will talk about what you need to do before you get customers…and then different ways to find them.  We will discuss clarity, creation and sharing…and how those 3 steps, with multiple actions will get the job done.

Share below….what are you doing to get customers?









  1. Semmy

    This is great advice as exactly I give it to my social media coaching students that deal with all kind of different niches as well. A lot of people think they just failed because they did not make an initial sale on a campaign and forget what their “life time value” of a customer is. If your average value is $120 from an average customer and you calculate it only on one campaign this might discourage you and mislead your numbers.

  2. Kathleen Naomi Atkins

    I like this Cathy… which applies to selling products as well. Patience isn’t one of my strong points, but something that is a necessity – period – otherwise you can make yourself go cuckoo!

  3. Deborah Lange

    I launched my site 12 months ago – i am a little over social media even though I know I have to stick at it in an online business, but lately I have doing some face to faced workshops – and I am so energised by face to face. However, I am still developing the online for the long term.

    • Cathy

      Good for you Deborah. Can you imagine if you continue to grow your online presence at the same time you are doing great with your workshops? That is where a lot of people fail. They stop online to do the workshops.

  4. Julie

    I have trouble with taking action and fear. The fear is preventing me from taking action. I have a secure full time job right now, but am so incredibly passionate about health coaching and fitness. It is really what i want to do with my life, however taking that leap from security to the unknown, especially with a family in mind, is what is making it so hard for me.
    I feel that once I take that leap I will run with it, but just getting started is hard. Any advise? Thanks!

  5. Susie

    Consistency and Patience is the key to long term success in both health and health coaching!

    I love how you are consistently encouraging us to take the steps needed to move forward. TY4that!

    • Cathy

      Exactly Susie! Thank you.

  6. Richard Fair

    I tend to get lost in my forward progression due to feeling overwhelmed or not sure what to do next. This is a whole new area in my life since I have never had to set up or run a business. My experience was in the classroom as a teacher. I sometimes feel like my students used to and need everything clearly explained with what steps to do along the way. Once I know what I am doing, I am fine. It’s just those beginning steps that seem to trip me up.

  7. april

    be consistent. be patient. be consistent. be patient. this has been my mantra of late, cathy!

  8. farah

    Consistency and patience and perssistence and belief! It is so simple, yet we tie ourselves up in knots with the how.. Just doing it sets you apart and wham- before long you are seena s an expert and people want to know what you did – hello!! They are your clients!! It does take awhile, it is most definitely no a get rich thing either!!

  9. Johanna

    Great advice here! Thanks- I truly appreciate the helpful links.

  10. Elizabeth MacLeod

    CONSISTENCY . . . as of late, that has fallen by the way side in my newsletters. *sigh*…. thanks for the nudge to get it back on track! 🙂

  11. Sue Ann Gleason

    Consistency, patience and integrity feel like a winning formula to me, Cathy. Thank you for modeling that.

  12. Sharon

    So this is a reality check – that keeps you motivated. Thanks Cathy… consistency and patience…that is the key.


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