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How to Get Clients

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The age old problem. We all know, it’s easy enough, systematic, but, it takes time and patience.  It’s like exercise, if you stop it, the effects stop accumulating and building.  Consistency is the key. 

There are a lot of different ways to get customers and if you remember, the amount of touch-points you have is important too.  Don’t just limit yourself to one form of marketing and make sure you reach out and touch the same people over and over.

opt in

We have a great workshop, Online Marketing Mastery.  It’s available by itself in the store, or free in the Inner Circle Membership.  It works.  You set it up once and continue to advertise and you’re good to go.  This is your list-building strategy that is important and builds your business.  It gives you people to sell to.  This is the foundation of your business building.

joint ventures

The next marketing you always want to be on top of is joint venture partnering with other companies who share the same target audience as you.  This can build your business faster than anything else.  You can get more customers in one day than any other method can get you in a year.  You are working with the benefit of your partner companies reputation and social proof, as well as their entire list of hard won loyal and potential customers.

social media

Social media marketing is tricky.  It’s just what it’s called, social, and if it’s done right, it takes some of your time.  You’re building relationships over time.  Some people try to pop in and throw a lot of marketing up and that’s what we interpret as pretty rude… it’s spam.  The groups don’t allow it and we normally will shut it down very fast. Unless it’s something we really want, then, it’s a law of numbers, but that’s not the kind of business we want to run.  Whether it’s LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, or Facebook, there is an investment of time, and it’s worth it.  If you don’t invest the time, just throw up the group and ignore the people who join, then it’s counterproductive.  You’re being disrespectful of the trust the people put in you by joining your group.  Choose one platform and do it well.  If you’re comfortable with that, go to another, but don’t over do it.

offline events, workshops

Online business requires perseverance and patience, social media and relationship building can get you immediate clients, and so can live events and workshops.  Trade shows can be the best way to meet doctors and talk about helping them set up a wellness division of their practice.

online webinars and workshops

Online webinars and workshops that offer a “quick win” and value, shows your potential client what you have to offer, develops trust and expertise as well as giving value.  These workshops and webinars can be recorded and provided on demand.  That way you can use them over and over. 

have a membership drive

Turn it into a party and reward your customers for bringing their friends to join. Give a little something extra to the new member too.

invite successful previous clients to join a new program at half price with a friend

This allows your happy customer to move to new levels and bring a friend along to healthy new lifestyle habits too.

donate a free coaching session to a silent auction

This puts you in front of someone who is interested enough in their health to donate for your time and everyone else who is at the auction and didn’t win or just choosing what to bid on.

gyms love health coaches

Talk to a gym about putting a tri-fold up in the locker room and give them to the trainers for clients who need you.  Take their flyers and reciprocate.

bundle up

Do you carry supplements, oils, and journals?  Bundle it up with a program and send gift wrapped.  It makes your customer feel like they’ve been given a gift.

join a mastermind

Support each other in business building and referrals.

resolve to take daily action

Spend one hour a day dedicated to getting new clients.  It’s pretty easy in business to get sidetracked with other things.  If you make it a habit and take action, things happen.

clarify your website

Go over your website and make sure it speaks to the hearts of your clients.  Look at your programs and products and make sure it’s clear enough that your reader understands your offering well enough to make a decision to buy.

send out business cards

Write thank you notes when you have a new customer and send them 10 business cards and ask them to share them with everyone they know who can use your services.  Tell them you’d be happy to send them more if they ask. 


There are thousands of ways to get new clients.  It all is limited by your imagination and your energy.  You want to help people, now show us how bad.  Everyone is a little bit afraid to put themselves out there.  The more you do it, the more comfortable it becomes.  Get out there today and get at least one new customer and come back and share.  We’re all going through our new mindset program together.  Join us.  Send a note to [email protected] ,

you can jump in anyplace.

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