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How to Establish Your Credibility as a Health Coach with Julie Zhu

Podcast 156

If you’re just starting out as a coach, the right publicity can boost your credibility and your business. Julie Zhu shares different types of publicity available for health coaches and 3 simple tips to gain more media exposure and establish yourself as an expert!  

In this episode, Cathy and Julie discuss: 

  • How publicity can grow a health coaching business
  • Different types of publicity for health coaches
  • Julie’s approach for working with clients
  • The biggest challenge Julie’s helped a client overcome 
  • 3 Tips for getting media exposure and building social proof:

1-Publish content on open platforms 

2-Google keywords related to your topic and see what publications host your content

3-Research and follow up with featured authors and editors and pitch your article ideas 

  • The difference between publishing in an open platform vs. your own website and why you should do both 

Julie Zhu is a New York City based marketing consultant. She helps female health and wellness coaches simplify their marketing and skyrocket their visibility in 90 days or less with their three step system. She’s been featured in Forbes, Addicted to Success and Authority Magazine. She has an MA in communication from Columbia University.  You can find her at [email protected]

Memorable Quotes:

  • “The health and wellness industry is a big product, and a lot of professionals compete for the same audience. So you not only need to be visible but you must stand out from the crowd…publicity is one way to stand out as credible experts.”
  • “Open platforms are a great way to publish your content with no lag or approval process, and they have an existing audience.”
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