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Currently we have 350 health coaches going through our FREE 30 Day Business Building Challenge – set up to help health coaches make more money.  We also have several hundred Inner Circle members conducting Healthy Holidays Facebook Groups.  It seems like a good time to talk to you about the value of establishing your own online community and give you a few pointers to set it up, fill it up and keep your participants engaged.



Facebook groups present an incredible opportunity to establish your own community.  This supports your business marketing efforts in several ways.

  1.   Establishes credibility and expertise.
  2.   Offers a chance to share valuable content and nurture your followers.
  3.   Offers networking opportunities.
  4.   Offers a way to separate your community by interest.
  5.   Supports collaborative efforts.
  6.   Increases your bottom line with daily social exposure to your ideal customer.


From your personal home page:
1. select the Groups section on the left side menu
2. click on create group
3. click + Create New Group at the top of the page
4. a window will appear then, you add a group name
5. add members
6. select the privacy settings for your group
7. click Create when you’re done
8. you’ll be taken to the group – click at the top right of the group and select Edit Group Settings
9. add a group description
10. add tags
11. set a group email address
12. add a group picture
13. promote your group


Carefully Name Your Group
Make it catchy, fun and memorable – and then make sure it’s spelled correctly. Make sure the name says what it’s about.
Make Your Group Look Bright and Inviting
Find the best image possible to promote and illustrate your group. Clear and colorful is important. Make sure it’s linked well.
Suggest/Invite/Add Your Friends To Your Facebook Group
Groups allow you to add or invite people to the group. Let your friends know about your group and ask them to share it with their friends too. Make sure you send a personalized invite to friends you think will aid in your group’s success. Ask them to join your group and give them a position (like group administrator, happiness ambassador, idea ambassador, holiday elf…) Choose the friends you invite carefully so the group get’s off to a good start – don’t invite friends who wouldn’t fit well.
Promote Through Similar Groups
Join groups that are related to or similar to the one you’re creating. By now, you should know where your ideal client hangs out. Promote your group through those groups. Be careful to read the group rules so you don’t appear to spam. You can kicked out for working outside the rules of the group.  You can do this on other Fanpages too – with permission from the Page.
Promote With Local Venues
This might include gyms, spas, doctors, chiropractors, churches, schools, etc. In return, you can make them a part of your group. It’s a win/win for everyone.
Cross Promote
Use everything at your disposal to spread the word. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, emails,
Facebook or Google Re targeting are good.

I hope this helps.


Share some of your tips on creating and marketing Facebook Groups below.



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