How To Blog

Podcast 26

Welcome back for another episode of Health Coach Conversations! In this episode, Cathy shares the importance of using business blogs and provides different strategies for how to build and use your business blog successfully.   

Cathy discusses the following:

  • Why you should blog
  • How to choose topics for your business blogs
  • Brainstorming activities
  • Picking a title for your blog
  • The layout of your blog
  • What content to include in your blog
  • Why you should use your own voice when writing your blog
  • Different types of blogs you can have
  • How to share your blog and get readers
  • Why you should be consistent and be yourself when blogging
  • Submitting your blog to online sites
  • Creating blogging groups
  • How to create a blog post using WordPress
Health Coach Conversations: Why It's Important to Have Business Blogs

Listen To Episode 26 Below:


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