How to Add Subscriptions to Your Business
Podcast 131

Health coaches have numerous opportunities to create memberships or subscriptions that can make money and save time and energy while providing value to clients. Cathy explains how to easily use memberships and subscriptions and why the Health Coach Group’s new Beta Membership might be for you!

In this episode, Cathy discusses

  • Why memberships and subscription services are easy to sell
  • What the Beta Membership covers:
    • Decide what your niche is and what your customer needs 
    • What kind of content to release to your membership
    • Different styles of membership
    • The fee you can charge and when to charge it
    • Type of plan for membership
    • How to launch a membership 
    • The importance of retention and referrals 
    • Planning for growth and development and why you want a membership  
  • Health Coach Groups programs ready for membership
  • Details about the Membership Beta Program 
  • Options for distribution of your membership or subscription program

      Memorable Quotes:

      • “There’s all kinds of subscriptions that not only payoff for the company…but also for the customer in a big way and that’s what makes a subscription so easy to sell.”


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