30% Off Done-For-You Programs


I am telling you this in advance…if you do this, you will be very (even more than very) happy.


  1.   create a Facebook fanpage
  2.   create a free offering
  3.   put together an optin form on your auto responder
  4.   put the optin form on your website
  5.   create a squeeze page for free offering and add optin
  6.   advertise the free offer with a boosted post on Facebook
  7.   post on your other selected social media platforms
  8.   get at least 3 follow up emails into your auto responder to support your optin and show your optin what you are all about
  9.   start your blog
  10.   start your weekly newsletter
  11.   make sure that you continue to promote your optin


For our “Packages” members, this is what I recommend right now….


  1. Right now!  Promote the heck out of “Healthy Holidays”  Promote this from now…clear through to November.  This will grow your list and it will get you customers just waiting to start a program in January.
  2. Start to discuss your program running in January.
  3. In December…promote your program to your mailing list!


DSD Subscribers

  • FILL out your forms and get your site set up!

Packages Members

  • FILL out your forms and get your optin out there…

After that

  • FOLLOW the list above 1-11


What are you using to grow your list? Share this with your friends and answer and join in the conversation below!


Next week I will be giving you some blogging secrets!




  1. Susie Mordoh

    Your posts keep me on task., Cathy. I am working on a few downloadable PDF opt ins right now!

    Thank you for all of the clear and easy to follow info!

  2. Julia

    I love this list! It works for any business, too. Cathy, you tell it like it is! Okay, off to create a landing page and boost a post this week.

  3. Kelly

    Great business building tips thanks Cathy! These are all super-important steps to follow to get results (and it’s so easy to get caught up with being very busy with not-so-important tasks).

  4. Michelle

    Hurrah! I am doing something right! I’ve got this down. 😀

    Except… for the squeeze page. I’m about to launch my ecourses, and I will be putting up sales pages, but not squeeze pages. I’m assuming you mean something like leadpages, correct? I’m afraid that the look of those might be too generic and not blend with my custom designed site. Consistency in look and branding is important to me. Hmmm… What do you think, Cathy?

  5. becky

    Thanks for these business tips! Theses are definitely some good ones and I need to do many of these. I will use this post as a checklist to build my business.

  6. Cynthia Djengue

    Thanks for the tips! I am looking forward to learning more about list building. It’s one of the hardest parts of our business as Health Coaches. I always appreciate your great packaging.

  7. Sharon

    Thank you for the tips. This is so helpful and gives me a framework for my activities.

  8. april

    perfect timing, cathy. my very first opt-in just went through a final design review. it needs a few minor tweaks, and then i’m putting it out there! thanks for the tips.


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