How I Saved My No-Good-Very Bad Day


My gratitude list is pretty important today.  Yesterday was an icky day.  It is funny how you get attached to your computer.  My computer was like a part of my family.  I didn’t realize that until it died:)  I just came home from taking Kora to school and looked at my dead old empty computer in the garage and felt pretty sad.  Other people get fancy cars…I had a fancy computer.  It lit up with energy and did things other computers couldn’t do.  The same day, my son called with great news …his position in England was made permanent yesterday.  He has a job for life…in another country (I don’t know, I think it is like 4,000 miles away).  He will never be back to the United States to live.  His pension, pay and benefits are too good….and his wife is ecstatic to be close to her family in Belfast.  I acted happy…but I feel a huge piece of me being ripped away…forever.

I need gratitude today to save my attitude and focus.  I am going to pull my gratitude from the things that are bothering me most.

I am grateful for a good computer wiz who saved my data…especially the 300+ page program I just completed on Sunday…when my computer died.  I am grateful to be able to run to the store and buy another new computer in 30 minutes.  I am grateful that when my keyboard wouldn’t work from my new computer, that I had been greedy and bought a better keyboard to replace my old one…and I had what I needed…and my computer wiz knew what to do with it.  I am grateful for 30 day trial periods while I look for my software.  I am grateful for business to bill out today…to cover my big time expenses from yesterday.

I am grateful that my son and his family are healthy and happy.  I am grateful that my son’s wife is so happy to be near her family…and that happiness showers down on Jeff.  I am happy that Jeff has a job that he loves and that they appreciate him enough to go beyond their normal limits to make him a permanent part of their organization.  I am grateful that Jeff is in a place that gives him unlimited growth potential.  I am grateful that Jeff proudly told me that he has been put in charge of Oxford’s coaching program and is starting his own hockey coaching business so that he can take in monies they are already directing his way(something that shows me he is proud of me too).  I am grateful that he is happy where he is….and called me first to tell me.

I am grateful for Kora, who came running in from school to hug me and tell me that it was going to be okay…I could always get a better computer.

I am grateful that my daughter and her 2 children are here and doing well.

…..I am grateful for gratitude too…it helped to put me in a place to move on to productivity and smiles.  Now I am going to go on to finish setting up my computer and quit feeling sorry for myself.  What are you grateful for today?


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