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It’s past that number now.  I set a goal and hit it 24 hours early!


You may say that is down to the wire.  Truly…it was early.


Let’s start at the beginning.  January, 2013 – I had 500 likes.


I had a great product and started advertising it…and grew my likes by September to 20,000!  My social media marketing has changed a lot since then.  I don’t recommend advertising on Facebook…it was okay for a few months for me…but after a few months it turns spammy and repetitive and you begin to turn more people off than you inspire.


From 20,000 to 55,000, it was all organic.  Word of mouth and that is all.  I even fell back on my participation.


What happened was, I quit participating with the same rhythm I had before because I hired a social media company to run my Facebook posting and people can tell when it doesn’t have an authentic voice.  It took a while for me to pull participation back…and there are still things I did before that I can no longer do.  But I did…the secret is to be authentic, thoughtful and post for others more than yourself.


SO…what did I do to pick up the likes on my page?  I advertised for likes.  That’s all.  It is pretty cheap to advertise for likes…usually $.03 – .30 each if you have a strong message and target well.


THEN, this is the secret…advertise to those people who like your page to opt into your list.


What did I learn from this?  It saves lots of money.


Why?  Because you draw the interested people in the inexpensive way.  Then you have a more qualified group to offer your optin to and you save money advertising on that end too.


Instead of $.78 ea, they are opting in at $.15 ea.


It is a good way to build your list quickly.


Watch my Fanpage grow!  With my fanpage, you can know that I am picking up a very good percentage into my list as well.


So, what did I take away from this?  Well, if I had done this for the last 2 years that I let my list grow organically – I would have 310,000 followers now instead of 60,000.  I’ll let you translate that into sales.  The moral is…always apply what you know, don’t let up and don’t give up.


You can do the same thing.





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