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We are getting ready to enter the last quarter of 2015!  Can you believe it!

It’s gone by fast.  I feel like we should still be in 2013.

Three years ago I designed a program for Facebook.  It is a group program for health coaches that puts more of a spiritual twist on changes.  In the last few years, it has helped a lot of people through what could have been a very miserable holiday season.

That is why I don’t mind taking the time to update it every year.  It is a real help to the participants and it is a valuable sales tool for the health coach.

Ideally you will really get to know your group members throughout the Health Holiday Group and be able to suggest your best program to move them into in January.


It has been an annual tradition of mine to assemble a group of friends, family and clients and go through the weeks before the holidays with attainable goals, gratitude, inspiration and acknowledgement of the things we get right.  It is an opportunity for spiritual growth as well as a chance to prevent losing ground physically during the holidays.

Last year I created a group program designed to be run on Facebook that took all the traditional aspects and put it all into a pretty package for our health coaches to use with their clients.  It went amazingly well and had a lovely side bonus of increasing everyone’s business.  You may sell it for a small amount like $99 -$127 or you can offer it for free with the PWL as the program to feed into.  Wouldn’t you love to put 60 people into one of the Physician-Health Coach Weight Loss Programs on January 1!


This is unlike any of the other programs we have shared with you. You won’t be offering educational materials to your clients, instead you will offer introspection, goal setting, accountability and peer support.


Everyone participates in their own way. They set goals and are accountable for their actions and progress at least once a week.


Goals should include…

  • Nutrition (adding in at least one healthy food per week)
  • Exercise (a minimum of 30 minutes 6 days a week)
  • Gratitude (take the time to be grateful for at least 3 things in your life daily)
  • Giving (challenge yourself to give without expectation of reciprocation once daily)

What is included?

  • An advertisement for Facebook, Twitter or even Pinterest.
  • An e-mail to welcome your clients and explain the program.
  • An instructional video that walks you through setting up your Facebook group is included and it will show you what buttons to push, tell you what to enter into the appropriate boxes as well as providing a cover graphic for your group.
  • Example goals to give your clients comfort and a guide in setting their own goals.
  • A goal setting sheet to guide your clients in the right direction when setting meaningful goals.
  • Motivational graphics to post weekly in your group.
  • A calendar to help you track postings, topics and activities in the group.
  • Discussion questions to quickly build camaraderie, trust and openness in your group.
  • An opportunity to build your business by establishing trust in an intimate relationship.
  • Alternative Religious Inspiration

What this does not include:

  • Meal plans
  • Diets
  • Weight loss

Well, I didn’t really intend for this to turn into a sales spiel …but felt like you may need a reminder in case you weren’t with us last year or don’t remember it.


HERE IS THE GOOD NEWS – if you are an Inner Circle Member, it is already yours!  If you are not an Inner Circle member, it is available for you to purchase for the next 4 weeks!


This is what it is.  Now I am going to tell you how to use it to build your business…although, the way it is designed, it will organically grow your business for you.  But…as long as we are intelligent internet marketers…lets go further…just one step will make a huge difference.


Using the Healthy Holidays Program to Build Next Year’s Business:


I know this is repetitive…BUILD YOUR LIST…this is the KEY to building business online.  The Healthy Holiday Program is your BIG opportunity to build your list and fill your 2015 programs.

  1.   Create entry as an optin offer.
  2.   Create the opt-in form in your mailing list.
  3.   Put it on a Squeeze Page either in your website or LeadPages
  4.   Advertise your Healthy Holidays Challenge on Facebook or your preferred social media platform.
  5.   Create a series of 6 follow ups as auto responders in your mailing list.
  6.   Pretend that each person who is opted in for this just paid you a million dollars and treat them that way.
  7.   Get them on your newsletter list through the opt-in and start promoting the heck out of your January 1 program.

THIS is a perfect time and a perfect offering.  The group is irresistible and fun and builds relationships quickly.


We will be going over this in our Mentoring Monday Meeting! 

Amy Porterfield (Facebook Expert)will be there to discuss being profitable with Facebook advertising. 

Don’t miss it!  (PLUS…It is my birthday and I will have presents for you!)


Please register for Mentoring Monday – Double Header on Sep 22, 2014 12:00 PM CDT  – https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/3340955506700466689

We will be talking about your ultimate opportunity for List Building “The Healthy Holiday Challenge 2015” – Promote it on Facebook! This is an unbelievable opportunity to build your list and fill your January Programs all the way up!

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.




  1. Cindy

    How much to purchase Healthy Holiday? I am not sure that I am a member.

    • Cathy

      Hi Cindy! You can get Healthy Holidays with the Stock the Shelves package.

  2. Lisa

    I loved this focus last year and had a good following. Looking forward to doing it again.

    • Cathy

      Great Lisa! I’m glad you used it and it did the trick. Let me know how 2015 goes for you!


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