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Big Plans!

We all have huge plans for this year.  You say …”oh what will you be doing?”  Check out my list from last year.  I even impressed myself when I went back to review the year’s accomplishments.  I didn’t realize we did so much because I was to darned busy to stop and count!

Ashlie will be released from IT seclusion next week!  I can’t wait to see what she does this year.

Amanda is building our support up.  If you don’t have tech support, make sure you check it out, it is the deal of the century… plugins are updated, virtual time, questions answered, and more are in the options.  It’s a great deal.

I’m working on Liver Health, Cancer Support, Metabolism, and Migraine Supplements (single modules).  I’m also releasing a new website of my own on all encompassing beauty. I’m also expanding on my podcasts.

There will be a new podcast tomorrow that will be fun to listen to with Tina and I chatting about sales and what she plans to accomplish as a new member of our team.

You guys are killing it!  I see you getting the hang of marketing (watch Hanna Lecha, she is a dynamo), moving programs to help customers, adding programs in and subtracting work hours.  Well done.  I receive emails from successful health coaches every day.  It’s so exciting seeing people with good hearts changing the world and making money while you do it.

PLUS – I just got word that my son’s family is visiting me for Easter and his birthday!!! I’m so excited!  That will keep me pumping for a while!  I’m telling you, this will be the best year ever.

We’ve been sooooo busy

warning – it’s very long

I wanted to start off the year by saying something that I don’t say near enough.  “I appreciate the fact that I get to work with you.  The nice thing about health coaches is that you want to help others.  In general, health coaches have gentle souls.”  I know that not everyone is that way, but I bet there is no other industry anyplace (except for maybe kindergarten teachers and nurses), who are so inherently sweet. I am grateful to be able to serve so many good hearted people.  

There are some changes that happened last year that you should know about.

  1. 3-6-9-12 Month Program – rebranded
  2. 3-6-9-12 Month Program – nutrition update
  3. Slim, Sexy, and Smart – rebranded
  4. Tri-fold brochures for all programs (you can have them printed up – will be available in February).
  5. Workshop/Sales Webinars, sales sequences, and support materials for all programs (available in February)
  6. New program – Healthy Home
  7. New program – Sleep
  8. New program – Healthy Gut
  9. New program – Life Matters (available February)
  10. New program – UpLife II
  11. New program – Mindset Reset
  12. Supplement (vitamins, etc.) Protocols for ALL programs
  13. Inflammation IQ for List Building and to add to Programs
  14. New certification – Sleep Coach
  15. New Supplemental Module – Meal Planning
  16. Technical Support Packages
  17. Full Graphic Design Branding and Website Design
  18. Single Module – Supplementary Programs 
  19. Return of Techy Tuesdays
  20. Weekly Inner Circle Calls changed to longer Workshops Monthly
  21. Partners – Healthie, Level Sleep, Dreamcloud, Practice Better, Vitamix, Enviroklenz, Fullscript, Persona (still working on these and more)
  22. Ocean Event that was the most beautiful event ever
  23. More successful health coaches!

We did a lot.  A huge a lot!  

Thank you to the people who’ve patiently waited for Life Matters, Webinars and Workshops, Protocols, and Tri-folds.  The membership site will be completed this week (God willing) and we will be able to load all those new things in.  I was able to view the new membership site last week and while it looks essentially the same, it moves like the wind!  All that old code is gone.  THIS IS THE WAY TO START A NEW DECADE!!!!



What do you have planned?


This is your business, you know the routine!  If you need, get a coach.  Set out a plan for this year.  What would make YOU happy.  How do you want to utilize your time?  What would you like to take off your to-do list forever?  What can you do that would help others (because I know you want to)?  

Set a plan and share it with me.  Share it here, or send me an email.  I’d like to know.  Tell me if I can help. 

Lessons in Leadership

for Health Coaches

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