Health Professionals Creating Subscription/Membership Programs


Health Professionals Creating a Subscription / Membership Program

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Welcome back to another episode of Health Coach Conversations! Today I’ll be discussing an important topic for health coaches and their businesses guaranteed income! Discover how you can be making guaranteed income by offering monthly subscriptions today!  In this episode Cathy talks about the following:

  • Guaranteed income through memberships or subscription programs.
  • One on one coaching vs membership programs – how to help more people.
  • Who should be offering membership and subscription programs?
  • How subscription programs add value to our lives for all kinds of customers.

The subscription business model has so much to offer not only for you but also for your clients. Clients in membership programs have the peace of mind they won’t forget anything or have to scramble to reorder, making the program a more enjoyable experience for them overall. Clients in membership programs also feel like they are getting better overall service because the membership is always there and so are you as their coach. On the flip end of that, as the coach or mentor, you are more relaxed when you know you have that stable income coming in, you are more likely to form closer relationships and better rapport with clients in a membership style program, and you have more time to create additional content or even new programs. If you’ve got something of value to offer, it will sell.

Things To Consider When Creating A Subscription/Membership Program

  • Content! What type of value are you going to be giving? Your personal time, access to an online group with peer support, a library of resources, additional reading materials, meal-plans, recipes, giveaways, work-out plans, etc.
  • Decide on your membership/subscription style and delivery.
  • Pricing – how much will you charge and how will you collect payments? Will you offer monthly, quarterly, or annual invoices? Know your ideal client when it comes to your price point and how much you should be charging based on your target audience.
  • How will you deliver your content? Weekly emails, online message boards/forum, daily emails, closed or private Facebook groups?
  • Market and launch your membership/subscription! Nobody can buy from you if they don’t know that your membership exists.
  • Member retention – find ways to keep customers in your program month after month to retain that steady income.
  • Referrals! They’re a great way to get more people into your membership, can work as a retention tool, and is a great way to market your program.

So many people subscribe to various membership programs already and might not even realize it. From small, independent online businesses to multi-million dollar corporations, subscription services and membership programs have been helping to deliver value and convenience to individuals all over the world. It is a proven business model that can also work for your online health business. If you can offer a subscription that offers both value and convenience to your own ideal clients for a good price, I can tell you right now – people will sign up! Take a look at this list of popular subscription services below and see how many you recognize.

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Things Mentioned In This Episode:

The Inner Circle

Health Coach Group Memberships

Blue Ocean Strategy  by W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne

Links to resources:

Health Coach Group Website


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