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Health Food Agent – Jeff Olson

Podcast 185

Health coaches are in the business of improving the body. Jeff Olson demystifies functional foods, food conditioning, and how affiliate marketing is opening the world of health coaching.

In this episode, Cathy and Jeff discuss: 

  • Being in the business of getting the body better
  • What practitioners are looking for in health coaches
  • Understanding what functional foods means
  • The difference between JuicePlus vs. vitamins and supplements 
  • How food conditioning works and playing the long game of health daily
  • How affiliate marketing and influencers have changed the health coaching game 
  • The power of being aware of your fear and knowing your self-worth

Jeff Olson is the co-founder of Health Food Agents which has aspired thousands of medical, health, fitness, and athletic practitioners to raise and sustain their impact and income. Jeff has been in human performance for over 30 years and his expertise resides in Functional Plant Food Conditioning™, Residential Aeroponics, and Affiliate Marketing.

In addition, Jeff is the founder of Altius Farms which is the largest vertical, aeroponics rooftop farm in the country. Jeff serves on the True Health Initiative (Dr. David Katz) as a Council Director. He is a Dad on a mission, startup advisor/investor, 2-time TED speaker, and 2-time Olympian.

Jeff says, “Fear binds and desire unleashes. Playing bigger conditions that tension into more meaning, more success. We teach brave, healthy business owners how to do that… and win.”

 Memorable Quotes:

  • “Functional foods translated is food on purpose…foods that have bioactive compounds that have been scientifically studied and have published efficacy that show improvements in biomarkers of health.” 
  • “Food does things for the body over time. Putting nutrient dense matter into your body over time has an effect.”  

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