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This is where many health coaches drop the ball. You get your free offer set. Muddle through the tech to get it in front of millions of online users…


but stop! Most of those users will never be your customer. Why? Because you haven’t spoken to the right people….your ideal client.


When you determine who your target customer is (ideal client) – then you can present the information that is important to them and focus everything you do on them.
If you aren’t reaching your target and saying what they want to hear …then you are just wasting your time. You can talk all you want…but no one hears you.
Does this sound familiar?


  • • Know who your ideal client is, age, income, location, interests, needs
    • Do they decide or their boss, spouse or parent (pretty important)
    • Be clear on what you are offering to them and the benefits of your offer
    • What cause them pain?
    • How can you help?
    • What do you have that your competition does not?
    • Who in your target group is most likely to buy?
    • Where can your target customer be found on the internet?
    • How does your target customer decide to buy? (referral, research, bold advertising)?

The BIG question – where to find them?

  • BEST ADVICE – market research.
    • Who are your competitors?
    • Who are the companies supplying similar products or services?
    • Who is the competition partnering with?
    • What are they buying?
    • What social groups are they in?

On Facebook, look for one person you know is your ideal client and look at who they are following, what they like and especially which groups they belong to. That is where you want to be – whether it is as a participant or – and this is important, an advertiser promoting to that group through advertising.

Make sure you have a fanpage and grow your own community by slowly and methodically providing interesting social interaction.

Watch the groups that your ideal client is in and study how they work together. Do they share information? What do they like that is shared? How do they like to share it?

How to Talk to Them

Focus on what your ideal client wants. Watch how they react and when they react positively…give them more.
It is okay to promote a little – you are in business – but don’t overdo it. Provide more thoughtful value than self-promotion.
Make sure you are on a social media platform that your ideal client uses. If you are talking to a 55 year old businessman – you won’t find most of them on Facebook. Either communicate on LinkedIn or speak to their wives as buyers on Facebook.


Where to find them takes some investigation.  If you find where they are hanging out – you will save thousands and thousands on advertising and you will be heard when you speak.


Where are your ideal clients?  Share below – who is your ideal client and where are they hanging out?  How do you reach them?




  1. Marian

    This is fantastic advice and things I’ve started doing within the last year. They are extremely helpful and had helped me narrow my target market and offerings more. I what is missing and know I can fill that void.

  2. Michelle

    I’m fortunate in that my ideal client hangs out a lot on Facebook. Yay!

    Interestingly, she’s not really on the other social media sites all that much (according to Google analytics), so that makes my job a bit easier. Yay again!

  3. Naomi

    Great points here. I realized I am lacking in the marketing research phase, so will have to explore the points mentioned in your Big Question section. Thank you for this article!

  4. april

    excellent advice, cathy – thank you! my ideal client has been a bit difficult to find on social media. i am going to put some of your tips to work and see where they lead me . . . hopefully directly to my target customer.

  5. shelley ugyan

    Well said Cathy! I have learnt that I must bring my ideal client form pain island to pleasure island in my marketing…and finding out where they are is of course the first essential tip- thanks for this great reminder!


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