HEALTH COACH SUCCESS SERIES – Martha Brown, Sober Living Coach

Podcast 74

Martha Brown created a membership program based on recovery and being confident in the choice to be sober. After realizing her target audience are not just those in recovery, Martha recently shifted her messaging and has experienced significant growth in her coaching business. Martha shares what led to her decision to pivot and how the Health Coach Group has supported her throughout her health coaching journey. 

In this episode, Cathy and Martha discuss the following:

  • How Martha has expanded her coaching program 
  • How Martha helps her clients with sober living 
  • Why Martha changed her messaging and how it impacted her coaching business 
  • Why Martha developed her program “Sober Mind”  
  • Martha’s future plans for her membership program “Day By Day” 
  • The benefits of working with the Health Coach Group and asking for what you need 

Martha Brown received her health coaching certifications through IIN (Institute for Integrative Nutrition) and Health Coach University. Martha’s passion and mission is to support other women in their sober journey, no matter if they have been sober for years or are just now considering a sober lifestyle.    


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