HEALTH COACH SUCCESS SERIES – Hannah Lecha, Memberships

Podcast 75

Some might consider self-care just a trendy buzzword but when done right it can dramatically improve your quality of life. Hannah Lecha has developed a wonderful membership program based on self-care and shares what’s next for her online membership program.    

In this episode, Cathy and Hannah discuss the following:

  • What led Hannah to become a certified health coach 
  • Why Hannah built her signature program based on self-care 
  • How Hannah addressed different types of clients with different programs 
  • How Hannah drives traffic to her website and handles her refund policy 
  • Hannah’s passion for helping girls and women 
  • Hannah’s monthly membership goal and plans for future growth   

Hannah Lecha originally began her professional career as a biologist but eventually realized her passion was pulling her to help others lead healthier lifestyles. She now works as an executive health coach offering programs focused on self-care.  

Mentioned In This Episode:

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Natural Health Immersion

Links to resources:

Health Coach Group Website


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