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A lot of us meander along through life, knowing that we believe somethings are right and others are wrong.  We know that we love to binge watch new television series, it feels good after a full night of sleep, and that exercise makes us feel good but it’s awfully hard to get started. Maybe we know that we hate getting up in the morning to go to work.  

Very few of us ever sit down during our lifetime and make a list of what would make us happy or successful.  How can we expect anything from ourselves if we’ve not pinpointed what we feel, want, or hope to attain, how can we really know what to do to make ourselves happy.  

Clarifying our values can be one of the most empowering things we can do for ourselves.  Taking responsibility for our happiness is much easier when we’ve set a destination and a path to get there.


     Get Clear

Feel it

You can do this yourself, of if you want to speed things up, get a coach.  Get a health coach, a life coach, and/or a business coach.  If you are a coach, you still will speed things up and probably get a clearer view with a coach.

     Back to Values

Create that destination and the path will follow

Most businesses have values statements.  We have a book.  Individuals like you and I should have our own values statement.  These are mine.

1.  Honesty always.

2.  Have integrity all the time, even when it’s hard.

3.  Have compassion for everyone.

4.  Working hard is my contribution to an outcome.

5.  Respect and be open to differences.

6.  Nothing is impossible.

7.  Giving to others makes me feel good.

8.  Everyone, including me, deserves to be treated with kindness.

9.  Health is the foundation of a good life.

10.  Always learn and ask questions.

11.  Excellence is my way of life.

12.  Money is necessary to pay the bills, travel, and contribute.

13.  There is beauty all around.

14.  I am responsible for my own happiness.

15.  Keep working until good things happen.


“Your beliefs become your thoughts, 
Your thoughts become your words, 
Your words become your actions, 
Your actions become your habits, 
Your habits become your values, 
Your values become your destiny.” 


     Get a Coach

Get clear and look at your values and happiness

In high school, I was successful if I got good grades, had a boyfriend, and had friends.  

In my 20’s I was successful if my children were fed, happy, smart, read to, and played well.  I was successful if the cake had just enough Grand Marnier in the frosting, and my garden was growing nicely.  I was successful if my business didn’t take me away from my family.

In my 30’s I was successful if my business grew, my kids got good grades, and I could hold it together with help from my hormones.

After that, I started thinking…I was still going through all the things that were expected, and life brought problems, but coping with the problems was a part of my path…the destination was to get the kids off in life successfully.  Ego starts pushing and pulling at that age and if you’re unaware, you can’t fix it.

Never did I ever sit down and ask myself what would make me happy.  Well, not since I decided to grow my business.  That was a night that I sat down (the kids were going into kindergarten and I really wasn’t so important anymore.  But I wanted to be, and that’s when my business grew and I was in control.

Granted, our life is guided by a lot of luck, blessings, whatever you consider it.  I know I’ve been blessed because as long as I keep doing what is right, everything works out.  It works out better than I EVER could have planned.  As far as any bad things that happen, my life wouldn’t be what it is today without the bad.  Almost guaranteed, there’d be people missing from my life today had all things gone the way I planned.  

The moral of that, is that you can and should plan, but you must give up expectation of outcome after you put everything on their path and accept or change where you end up.

I’ve reviewed my values since I was in my 40’s – always with a clear vision of purpose and path.

So, Dean Jackson sent an email this week, it’s quite specific about what to ask yourself.

“I know I’m being successful when _____.”

His answers?  It when he get’s up and can say “What would I like to do today?”  That’s something to be grateful for.  He says he’s successful “when his passive revenue is higher than his lifestyle needs”.  Just like many of us who’ve taken the step to go into an industry where we create health, wellness, and longer, happier lives, “when he’s working on projects he’s excited about and doing his best work.”

What would happen if he didn’t make enough money to cover his lifestyle needs?  According to his statement, he wouldn’t be successful.  Would he be happy?  Only if he had the value that he accepts when he is unsuccessful and able to trim his lifestyle needs to match his passive revenue.  Do you see how that can work and how that 2nd value created his ability to be successful again?

I challenge you to spend some time making a values statement for yourself and for your business.

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